Mr. President, please don’t go. If you leave us now, you will take away the humility, grace, intelligence and the dignity of the office of the Presidency. Who knows when these values would return to the White House! But we know, sadly, that you have to go and with broken hearts and teary eyes we say “Good Bye” to you and your family. You have earned the respect of our votes and we hope that you, as a private citizen, will continue guiding this nation towards the right path. We humbly request you, Sir, to speak your mind frankly and openly since you would have no constrains of the office anymore. Our political canals are terribly clogged and need some good flushing of new and bold ideas.

In my humble view, the following issues would still need your attention after your Presidency:

·         Our media, especially the cable news, have become extremely harmful for the general public. They make our people very shallow and naïve politically. They keep repeating the irrelevant news round the clock while ignoring the major events in the world. They never cover the foreign trips of the Presidents in detail and never bother to educate the public what Presidents accomplish on their trips. Only C-SPAN is left with this task.

·         We are always in the election cycles. Our election periods are too long and counterproductive.   

·         The Electoral College serves no purpose anymore. If its purpose was to put checks and balances in place and make sure that no lunatic become the President, it has failed the test now.

·         We should extend the term of presidency by making it only one term Presidency. This way, the Presidents will fulfill their agendas freely.

·         There should be some term limits on our elected officials and the Supreme Court Judges.

·         We should also do something about our Senators to have their powers according to the population of their states they represent.

·         There is a growing trend to over patronize our military and police officials. They must be given the respect they deserve but they must remain under the civil authorities. That is what makes us different from the countries under the brutal grips of military dictators and unaccountable law enforcement officials.

·         Religion must remain out of our state affairs and Science must not be denied.

 My wife and I express our deepest gratitude for your services. We wish you and your family all the best. May the name Obama always shine on the pages of history!

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