While Jewish around the world are celebrating Purim ,the same time millions of Indians  around the world celebrate Holi. These 2 Holidays always come on the same day every year. I just can't fail to see the resemblance of both the festivals – much more than the fact they fall on the same day in Jewish and Hindu calendar.

                Both the Festivals are one of the most joyous and fun holidays celebrated with munch enthusiasm by the young and the old.

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1.       Triumph of good over evil : While Purim commemorates the miraculous salvation of the jewish people in ancient Persia. Holi is the celebration of various legends who were saved miraculously and defeated the devils.

2.       Color and Costumes : Great excitement is seen on the streets for both Holi and Purim where people get crazy and whacky. During holi, bright colors (gulal – colored powder) are applied to each other which makes it difficult to recognize the person around you. One of the most significant characteristic of Purim is to disguise one self. To be some one else. People go around on the streets in colorful costumes thus making it difficult to recognize them.


3.       Food : Food is a part of any festival be it in India or Israel , more so when we are talking about an Indian Jewish household – It’s a custom in a bene Israeli household to have Puran Polis – a sweet flat bread made of chickpea lentils and wheat flour. It is also a popular dessert in India during Holi.

4.       Drink – It is an obligation during Purim to drink wine until one doesn’t know himself. In Holi, it’s a custom to drink Bhang – culled from the leaves and buds of cannabis – to escalate the spirit of the festival thus not recognizing any restrictions.

5.       Welcoming Spring – Both the festivals are welcoming the change in the season, fields in full bloom , days getting warmer – perfect time to celebrate the day outside and enjoy the lovely weather.

6.       Gift Baskets – Gift baskets are exchanged during these holidays between relatives and friends thus helping to revitalize the relationships and strengthening emotional bonds between people.

Purim Gift Baskets

Enjoy the season, holiday and the spirit of enthusiasm – no matter where you are….Have Fun…Celebrate Life!

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