After 3 hours drive from East Lansing, Michigan, we arrived at South Bend, Indiana. We had snow all the way and we really had to drive very carefully.
This was a 2-3 inches snow on the ground and this meant that the when we got to South Bend we could built a snow man, for the first time on our girl''s life.
We built it on the front of the Jewish Federation building in South Bend. It stayed there until the night, when we left the city after a wonderful day. 

At the "Y" (the new branding of the well known "YMCA") we met a group of children at ages of 6-9. Those kids were tought a little bit about Israel on the recent few days, so we will have something to begin with and we appreciated it a lot. We went to the "Y" with Yael Farber, the Shlicha of the Jewish Agency to South Bend. There we met also with the local journalist Josef Ditz, who later on made a very nice story on The South Bent Tribune, about The Israeli Family Project.,0,93157.story

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When we told the kids that if you dig deep enough in the desert you will get to water, then one girl asked: "Do you sweat a lot when you dig for water ?".
On the evening we lit the candles on a nice event at the Jewish Federation building in South Bend with local Jewish Families.
This was a very pleasent experience and we could learn more about the place and the people from this program.

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