Crisis between the Palestinian Authority and Jordan.

Jibril Rajoub, the PA Minister for Sport and convicted terrorist, the minister who attempted to get Israel thrown out of FIFA, was prevented from entering Jordan when returning on a flight from Tunisia.

The Jordanians temporarily prevented him from entering into Jordan on his way back to Ramallah on the grounds that the Palestinian Authority had voted for Sepp Blatter to remain as President of FIFA,, rather than cast a vote for the Jordanian prince.

Mahmoud Abbas had to rush to Amman to make peace with the Jordanians and, at a press conference,during his apology visit, Abbas made this interesting statement;

"Jordanians and Palestinians are one people in two states."

Think about that for a moment.
One people in two states? And now they want a third state - Israel?
How about one people in one state - Jordan?

As they say in FIFA - GAME OVER!

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