Ayalon at Jpost Conference: War on Israel turning legal

April 29, 2012 17:45

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon (Yisrael Beytenu) on Sunday that the Palestinians are attacking Israel through legal channels after failing through military attacks, economic boycotts, and terrorism.

Speaking at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York, Ayalon stated: "The economic war is pretty much obsolete," adding that the threat of terrorism has also been stemmed by the security fence. Ayalon said that the Palestinians are trying through legal methods to attack Israel, after the military, economic, and terror attempts failed.Ayalon said that Israel is much stronger than it was 64 years ago at the time of the state's founding, both in objective and in relative terms.

Turning to the Palestinian Authority, Ayalon said that Israel needs to see a PA that teaches peace. Instead, "they do everything in their power and strip Israel of its right to defend itself."

"We do want to have peace," he said. "But we do not want a piece of paper."

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