Campaign to abolish Tal Law: Don't wait for anymore for PM

July 11, 2012 15:44

“There’s no reason to wait any longer for Netanyahu, he’s not coming,” the Campaign for the Abolishment of the Tal Law said in response to the reports that talks between Yohanan Plesner and Moshe Ya'alon had broken down.

“He’s just waiting for [Yaakov] Litzman and [Eli] Yishai,” they said, referring to the senior politicians in United Torah Judaism and Shas.

“We’re happy that finally the true face of the Prime Minister is being exposed, that he doesn’t want to draft the haredim, he wants to deceive those who serve and he’s doing everything so that Plesner’s recommendations wont be implemented," the Campaign added.

They also stated that Netanyahu is "against quotas for yeshiva students, against the draft at age 18 and against real sanctions. We therefore recommend that MK Plesner to halt the discussions which are a waste of time for everyone, and we call on members of Knesset to present a bill for a universal draft next week in Knesset, which the public will support, and not to wait any longer for Netanyahu."

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