EJC: Palestine UN bid puts nail in coffin of peace process

The European Jewish Congress (EJC) President, Dr. Moshe Kantor, called on European nations to reject the Palestinian United Nations status upgrade to observer status on Monday, stating that the bid would hammer a nail into the coffin of the peace process.
“Those who believe they are furthering the peace process should be aware that they are hammering a nail into its very coffin," Kantor said in a statement.
Kantor added that a vote in favor of the bid, put forward by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, would be a vote for Hamas.
According to the Kantor, the European Jewish Congress has been lobbying senior European officials against the move, pushing the idea that voting for Palestine to become a non-member state would be a vote against Israel's right to self-defense.
"Anyone who believes in Israel’s right to self-defense and endurance as a nation must withhold their consent to the Palestinian upgraded status," Kantor said.