Irish student called a 'terrorist' after joining IDF

August 17, 2010 17:55

A 19-year-old Irish student complained she was targeted by a hate campaign after returning from a two-month stint in the IDF, Irish Central reported Tuesday.

Cliona Campbell from Cork, Ireland, said after she wrote an article in the local newspaper about her experiences in the IDF, she was subject to public abuse.

"I came back after two months and wrote a piece on my experiences. Now I am getting hate mail and being targeted."

Campbell said a security guard came up to her and abused her at a clothes shop, and she began receiving emails telling her to "keep her head down."

"Some of the people writing to me and about me say they now see me as a terrorist, and that they don't even see me as Irish anymore," she said. "I stand up for what I believe and I get hate mail and abuse, and I wouldn't mind if half of those people could back up what they are saying with a logical argument."

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