Kadima MK: PM must take Obama's advice, open peace talks

Kadima MK Yisrael Hasson on Wednesday urged Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to take US President Barack Obama's offer - as he put it - and return to negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.
Hasson was responding to US President Barack Obama's address at the United Nations, saying that "In his speech, Obama gave [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu a credit line, which if he wastes, will be an endless burden on the generations." Obama said that only through talks would Israelis and Palestinians reach a peaceful conclusion to the crisis, and Hasson insisted that Netanyahu must "sit down and negotiate with [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas immediately and without preconditions."
Hasson said negotiations with the Palestinian Authority would isolate Hamas, who is waiting to exploit the diplomatic failure at the UN to prove that violent resistance is the only alternative for gaining independence.
The Kadima MK said that Abbas went to the UN in hopes that the move would break the deadlock in negotiations, and said he hoped that Netanyahu had gotten that message.
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