Kadima reaction to Gates: Netanyahu is dangerous for Israel

September 6, 2011 10:35

Kadima on Tuesday reacted to reports that former US defense secretary Robert Gates called Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu an ungrateful ally and said that "From day to day it becomes clear that Netanyahu is dangerous for Israel."

A Bloomberg column published on Tuesday said that Gates blamed Netanyahu for diplomatically isolating Israel and hurting American interests.

"The comments by former US defense secretary reveal the unprecedented extent to which Netanyahu's political obsession affects the strategic and security interests of Israel and its citizens and degrades the state into a political and social abyss, which has never been seen before," a Kadima spokesman statement said.

"Netanyahu's government is the most over-sized in Israel's history and is detached from its people and its environment in a way that is harmful to the people who live there, when they are in Israel and when they are abroad. Netanyahu's failed government has come to the end of its days," the statement continued.

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