MK Elkin: B. Clinton should have learned from his mistakes

September 23, 2011 16:19

Likud faction chairman Ze’ev Elkin said on Friday that “it’s unfortunate that former American president Bill Clinton did not learn from his own mistakes.”

“Clinton and [former prime minister] Ehud Barak’s bizarre vision of peace and a return to ’67 borders with a divided Jerusalem, including giving up parts of the Old City, dragged the State of Israel and the Palestinians into the Second Intifada and cost hundreds and thousands of victims on both sides,” Elkin explained.He added: “As a Russian Jew and a religious setter at the same time, I am proud to be counted among those in Israeli society who are trying to prevent all of us for paying this price a second time.”

“The former president of the US, the stronghold of democracy in the modern world, should have learned by now to respect democratic decisions in other countries,” Elkin concluded.

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