Rare handwritten note by Anne Frank on auction

November 23, 2016 13:41

AMSTERDAM - A poem that Anne Frank sent to a girlfriend in 1942, shortly before her family went into hiding from the Nazis, was being auctioned on Wednesday in the Netherlands.

Frank was 12 years old when she sent the short poem, at least part of which was copied from a magazine, for her friend's poetry album. Auction house Bubb Kuyper has valued the rare example of Frank's handwriting and signature at 30,000 euros ($31,800).The eight-line poem is addressed "Dear Cri-Cri", to Christiane van Maarsen, the older sister of one of Frank's best friends, and dated 28 March 1942.

The first four lines, which have been identified as coming from a magazine, encourage Van Maarsen to work harder at school. The second four, which may have been crafted by Frank herself, say that the best answer to critics is to do a better job.

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