Researcher's breakthrough is likely to lead to revolution in energy production

March 3, 2016 20:12

Assistant Professor Lilac Amirav, member in the chemistry department at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa,  developed technology that produces fuel from water by means of solar energy with a level of efficiency never seen before.

The breakthrough could lead to an imminent revolution in energy production. Energy from water. Amirav's innovative technique has demonstrated an unprecedented efficiency in producing hydrogen from water by way of solar energy.

A writer from the reputable science journal "Nano Letters" reported on the dramatic developments in the field of water to fuel production: There was 100 percent efficiency in the production process, constituting a 40 percent leap in efficiency seen from previous methods, occurred in Amirav's lab, who is a faculty member in the chemistry department.

Hydrogen fuel is considered a promising fuel source, particularly due to the availability of water, leaving it unfettered by political and economic implications that traditionally obfuscate the energy market. Additionally, unlike benzine and derivatives thereof, the use of hydrogen fuel does not cause environmental contamination.

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