TA city hall vows to fight prostitution business cards

March 5, 2013 18:58

The Tel Aviv Municipality’s enforcement branch will team up with the Task Force on Human Trafficking, to clean up the business cards for sex workers scattered across the city, the municipality stated on Tuesday.

Ahead of International Women’s Day on Friday, the municipality said city enforcement workers will take part in lectures on the trafficking of women, and the sex trade in the city “in order to gain a deep understanding of the problems and importance of this phenomenon.”The city said that while they don’t have the tools the police has to fight the sex trade, their municipal workers have the authority to fine those distributing the cards, though they admit they cannot take action against the printing presses that make the business cards, which can be found in the hundreds on the streets of Tel Aviv, especially in the city’s northern and north central neighborhoods.

“The city has in the past and will continue to call on the police to take investigative action against those who send people to distribute the cards on the streets of the city, and prosecute them according to Israeli law.”

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