Ch. 10 apologizes to Boublil over alleged slander

Trailer aired by Channel 10 reporters implied that Moshe Boublil had made millions at expense of the state.

Moshe Boublil 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Moshe Boublil 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Channel 10’s program The Source has apologized to businessman Moshe Bublil and the Club Hotel Group over a trailer aired in October 2010 that Bublil said slandered him.
Reporters Raviv Druker and Mickey Rosenthal made the apology on air Tuesday night, fulfilling the ruling made by Tel Aviv District Court Judge Yehudit Shevah in response to Bublil’s lawsuit against the network.
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“In the event that the trailer indicated otherwise, we want to emphasize that Mr. Bublil and the Club Hotel Group acted with transparency and in accordance with the law, and that there were no faults or misdemeanors in their conduct whatsoever,” Druker and Rosenthal said.
According to Bublil’s lawsuit, the trailer asked: “Moshe Bublil made millions from gambling – but was that money made at the expense of the state?” – a reference to a NIS 67 million government grant Bublil had received to build Club Hotel Eilat.

In the lawsuit, Bublil said the statements made in the trailer were baseless. Lawyers for Bublil and the Club Hotel Group said the show’s producers had chosen to ignore facts presented to them and had aired a biased trailer defaming Bublil and his companies.