Spain embargoes arms sales to Israel

Despite limited arms trade, Spanish make political statement by blocking weapons contracts.

August 5, 2014 09:37
idf tank

IDF soldiers stand atop a tank near the border with Gaza. [File]. (photo credit: REUTERS)

The Spanish government announced an arms embargo on Israel, El Pais quoted government sources as saying. The decision was made the previous week by a committee of the Presidency, Treasury, Economy Ministry, Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry.

El Pais stated that Spain's arms trade with the Jewish State is minor, consisting of only 4.9 million euros in 2013 and around 1% of Spain's export. However, the decision is a political statement against the ongoing operations being conducted by Israel against Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the severe civilian death toll.

Israel has stated that the 1,242 civilians killed in Gaza have been the victims of collateral damage from IDF attacks against Hamas terrorists who operate within the civilian population.

Spain has used the political move in the past against other countries engaged in regional conflicts. Such countries have included Egypt, Venezuela and most recently Ukraine.

The decision will be eligible for overturning in September when the relevant government entities are set to meet again.

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