Neo-Nazi organization preaches to turn US states into “White Ethno-State”

"We need to concentrate ourselves to a single region and focus on building families, communities, businesses, and become self-sufficient," the neo-Nazi organization's website says.

August 2, 2019 06:12
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Nazi Swastika

Nazi Swastika. (photo credit: REUTERS)

A neo-Nazi organization that calls itself "The New Awakening" plans to build a separatist Aryan ethno-state in the United States, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported on Monday.

The group, which sees itself as a “Hitlerite National Socialist movement,” according to its website, outlines the disturbing “demand” to turn the Pacific Northwest: Washington, Idaho, Oregon and western Montana, into a “White Ethno-State,” describing current life in the US as a “system trying to destroy us.”

The organization's activity can be traced back to December 2017, according to MEMRI. It has official accounts on online platforms like Gab, a thread on 8chan, and a website with its program, plan and additional information.

The New Awakening’s program summarizes the core principles of the “sacred movement” and sets out in the program’s preamble the racist “core principles” of the group, the first of which is the recommendation that “Adolf Hitler’s immortal work, Mein Kampf,” is read in in entirety.

According to MEMRI, the organization considers Hitler its only prophet, ideological inspiration and point of origin.

The organization's extreme antisemitic and racist rhetoric includes statements such as, "where there can be no Jews, our people will not be at risk of this situation [white genocide] ever arising again. Further still, if there are no Jews in the world, then finally the satanic enemy of all mankind shall have been put down for good and all." 

The writings go on to, among other things, call Jews the "the enemy of all mankind."

Although the inflammatory and hate-filled speech would be expected to break some laws within the US, the organization cites a “ruling called ‘Brandenburg vs. Ohio’” and the  1st amendment for why it can promote such content and ideas.

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