Despite suspension, Labour activist continues spreading antisemitism

It was not just on Twitter that Stuart spread her offensive content - she also used her “Laura Macdonald London" Facebook account.

August 26, 2019 11:21
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Despite suspension, Labour activist continues spreading antisemitism

Leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, Shadow Finance Minister John McDonnell and deputy leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson, November 23, 2017. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Suspended Labour Party activist Laura Stuart continues to spread antisemitic and anti-Israel rhetoric in the party through "Unite Community," which belongs to the Barnet branch of the Unite trade union, it was reported in the Jewish Chronicle.

The Sunday Times exposed that Stuart is the secretary of the Unite Community Barnet, which was set up by Labour's Unite trade union to help the unemployed.

The Labour Party permits the affiliates of the Unite Community to be included in the governing body of the local Labour Party in locations where they are represented.

Stuart was suspended in November 2017 from the Labour Party for making antisemitic comments on social media. She was also arrested as a “terror suspect” in 2015.

Gaza Boat Controversy (Twitter)

Stuart was behind the “GazaBoatConvoy” Twitter account, whose aim was stated as: "We are a group of driven individuals working within the UK. We work with many different charities all with the same aim and goal. To FREE PALESTINE!"

Content from David Duke - a recognized white supremacist, white nationalist politician and antisemitic conspiracy theorist - and Paul Eisen, a well-known Holocaust denier, was often tweeted on the GazaBoatConvoy account.

Stuart also used a Facebook account, called "Laura Macdonald London" to spread offensive content. She posted a picture of Eric Pickles holding up a promise to remember the Holocaust at a Holocaust Educational Trust event which had been edited, so the event's logo was altered to say “Zionist Fairy Tales.”

A Star of David with a “Z” inside it had been placed on his forehead and the sign had been changed to read “I pledge to #F***TheFuture by continuing to obesely support the masonic Zionist terrorist occupation of Palestine.”

Edited image of Eric Pickles holding up a pledge to remember the Holocaust at a Holocaust Educational Trust event (Credit: Facebook)

The Sunday Times found other cases of suspended Labour members who had retained their influence and voice in the Labour Party through belonging to the Unite community, including Glyn Secker.

Secker had been suspended from the party due to offensive comments he made at a pro-Palestinian march in May, saying that “Jewish leaders” had turned “a blind eye to the extreme Right.”

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