Over 50,000 sign petition calling for Jeremy Corbyn to step down

For as long as the Labour Party is in Jeremy Corbyn’s grip," the Campaign Against Antisemitism said, "it cannot be a force for good."

Jeremy Corbyn acknowledges an audience’s applause (photo credit: PHIL NOBLE/REUTERS)
Jeremy Corbyn acknowledges an audience’s applause
(photo credit: PHIL NOBLE/REUTERS)
A petition calling for the removal of UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has garnered as party head over 51,000 signatures in less than 24 hours.
The petition was started by British NGO, Campaign Against Antisemitism, a volunteer-led charity dedicated to exposing and countering antisemitism through education and zero-tolerance enforcement of the law.
Posted with the petition titled, "Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite and is unfit to hold any public office," is a picture of one of the Labour leaders' campaign posters, which reads: "For The Many, Not the Jew" - the original poster says "Not the Few."
In September, a poll showed that 40% of British Jewry were prepared to leave the country if Corbyn is elected prime minister.
In its description, the NGO said that for months, "events from Jeremy Corbyn’s disturbing past have trickled into the light" among which include "his many acts during his time as a backbench MP when he could speak his mind without fear of scrutiny, he blamed Islamist terrorist attacks on Israel; defended an appalling antisemitic mural; honoured a sheikh banned from the UK for saying that Jews drink non-Jews’ blood; said that a Hamas terrorist whose life’s work was the murder of Jews was his ‘brother’;" and "held a repulsive event on Holocaust Memorial Day in which Jews were accused of being the successors to the Nazis" among other things
The description also accuses Corbyn of trying "to have the word ‘Holocaust’ removed from the title of Holocaust Memorial Day" and recalls the scandal in which he was seen laying "a wreath at a memorial for the Black September terrorists...; made euphemistic comments to suggest that Jews are somehow un-British and foreign to the ways of our country, and more."
They also charged that Corbyn, In response to these revelations, "has lied, distracted, tried to twist the definition of antisemitism to exclude his past conduct, and issued false apologies when pressure mounted."
Corbyn, the NGO said, "has claimed to have been seeking peace and to have been judged out of context, but the facts show that over many years he sought to defend, honour, assist and promote antisemites, and the context is that his actions have been consistent with those of an ideological antisemite."
Campaign Against Antisemitism said it had hoped that "the Labour Party might at some point rise to the defence of British Jews, but the institutions of the once proudly anti-racist Labour Party are now corrupted and will not act."
It added that the party persecutes members who continue to "stand up to antisemitism."
"For as long as the Labour Party is in Jeremy Corbyn’s grip," the NGO said, "it cannot be a force for good. His past demonstrates that he should never have been elected to the leadership of the Labour Party and he is unfit to hold any public office."
It concluded with the words: "Antisemites must not hold positions of power."
Earlier this month, the Jewish Labour Movement voted to pass a motion of no confidence in Corbyn with its national secretary Peter Mason stating that reports of "delays, inaction and interference from the leader's office showed the party's processes were 'incapable of dealing with anti-Jewish racism.'"