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Anti-Israel protest

The European Union risks 'Jew-hater' label

The BDS campaign regards the ending of all trade and economic relations with Jews living in Judea and Samaria as just the “first step” in its campaign.


A model for resolving clashes between Jewish and liberal values

Israel’s abortion policy is an all-too-rare example of a compromise that gives both sides something important.


Delhi, Beijing must fight terror together

Sino-Indian ties are on firm footing in almost every dimension of diplomacy today.


Russia and Islamic State – time for action

The time has surely come for the civilized world to bite the bullet and take out Islamic State, as well as Russia's ploy for power over Ukraine.

JABER HAMOUD (second left), head of the Druse and Circassian Local Councils Forum, protests in Sajur

Arm the Syrian Druse - we owe it to their Israeli kin

Refusing help would be a slap in the face to Israel’s most loyal non-Jewish citizens.


BDS – sinister hoax with genocidal objective

The BDS campaign is set to swallow many more well-intended people into its Jew-hating vortex.

Dome of the rock

Beating the BDS Jew-haters

A Harvard student expected that a trip to Israel would confirm his reasonable European certainty of Israel’s arrogant oppression; That’s not quite the way things turned out.

herzog abbas

You can’t win a PR war by fighting on the enemy’s side

Israel needs to stop arguing the Palestinians' case and start arguing its own.


Who’s fighting who in the Middle East?

In the ever-shifting kaleidoscope of political, religious, economic, strategic and tactical considerations that mark the Middle East, little is clear-cut in deciding between friend and foe.

Nadav Guedj representing Israel performs during a dress rehearsal

What Israel can learn from the Eurovision song contest

Israeli's PR focus on the peace process highlights the country’s failures rather than its successes; and people dislike failures.


Saudi Arabia’s new broom

In the few short months since he ascended the throne, Salman has shown himself to be a pragmatic man of action in both the domestic and foreign arenas.

An Israeli Arab casts her ballot at a polling station inside a church in the northern town of Reineh

Netanyahu's target wasn’t Israeli Arabs, but foreign-funded NGOs

The prime minister's election day faux pas has been deliberately misconstrued by omitting its second half

Tzipi Hotovely

A golden chance to shift the Foreign Ministry’s priorities

The new deputy minister won’t appeal to Europe, which might spur her to focus on an area long neglected: the non-Western world.


A new high in Sino-Indian ties

The leaderships in New Delhi and Beijing, presently, would do well to concentrate on improving their relations in non-political areas.

Naftali Bennett

Netanyahu deals a setback to the cause of big-tent parties

After religious Zionists handed him victory, he spat in their faces – proving they really do need a party of their own.

The Supreme Court

Using a straw man to attack Supreme Court reforms

Likud’s proposed bills wouldn’t harm judicial independence, only the court’s excess powers.

House of Commons London.

Britain’s General Election and Israel-Palestine

Britain’s future Middle East policy hovers in the balance ahead of elections on May 7.


Pakistan in the Middle East

Pakistan has played a pivotal role in determining the outcome of the current crisis in Yemen.


Israeli Arabs press their MKs to focus more on domestic issues

That’s the message from JAL’s decision to skip an Arab League meeting. And it’s good news for Israel.

egyptian copts isis

Egypt’s fight against terror

A look into what Egypt is doing to stop the swarm of terror attacks in the country.


Saving Democracy from Itself

If universities are increasingly dominated by an Islamist agenda, and they are where our democracy’s future is trained, what sort of future awaits us?


The sorry state of Yemen

It is not easy to keep pace with the shifting kaleidoscope of alliances and alienations, or the reasons behind them, but if any one area is a microcosm of the whole, it is Yemen.

Iran nuclear talks

Upgrading Israeli nuclear deterrence; Core consequences of P5+1 agreement with Iran

Current instabilities in the Middle East will generate compelling reasons for Israel to re-examine its traditional posture of nuclear ambiguity.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s right to exist will not be dictated by foreign nations

Israel’s right to exist is the right of the Jewish people - and does not require America, Iran or anyone else to give approval on that right.


Islam’s civil war

The time for action by Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Sunni world had arrived.

A late night view of the Beau Rivage Palace Hotel during an extended round of Iran nuclear talks

Nuclear knockout not nearly nailed

The first and simplest question one must ask is in what language will the final authorized version of the agreement be framed?

US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Obama admits defeat on renewed negotiations for two-state solution

President Obama has announced he is going back to the drawing board.


Why Tunisia?

Tunisia, has become the antithesis of everything that IS stands for, and thus a prime target.

Iran nuclear talks

A nuclear deal with Iran – would it stick?

As the 31 March deadline for a framework agreement between the P5+1 and Iran is fast approaching, US Congressional disagreements over executive orders continue to stir.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gestures during his victory speech at Likud headquarters

When words matter and when they don't

While words have the power to move people, anything uttered by an Israeli politician in the days leading up to an Election Day should probably be dismissed as good old-fashioned electioneering.

Iranian military personnel participate in war games in an unknown location near the Strait of Hormuz

Countering Iran and IS – Muslims take action

“The only stakeholder that seems not to realize the danger of the situation is President Obama.”

"Nous devons cesser d'avoir peur". Le leitmotiv de Naftali Bennett

Left Versus Right

Outside the settlements, what today is called the right is actually left.

herzog speaking to reporters

The sad decline of a formerly principled politician

A man I once admired has begun subordinating vital security interests to the needs of partisan politics.

Isaac Herzog

Should Isaac Herzog become prime minister...

It is sad, but the Israeli public is up for a great disappointment following a potential election victory by the left.


The state of the settlements

Replacing Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister is an existential Israeli imperative.

Bashar Assad and Vladimir Putin

Putin’s Middle Eastern empire

Putin’s support of Assad’s Syria has inevitably drawn him closer to Iran, its devoted ally.

US AND IRANIAN negotiators pose yesterday in Geneva before a discussion of Iran’s nuclear program

Shifting the tenor of America’s debate on Iran

That was Netanyahu’s goal in addressing Congress. And so far, he’s been surprisingly successful.

Egyptian Christians in orange jumpsuits just before their execution by ISIS henchmen

Assad or IS? No need to choose

It is extremely concerning that the idea of supporting Assad, however peripherally, seems to be infiltrating mainstream political thinking in parts of Europe.

Elections in Israel

Empowering Jewish extremists and disempowering Arab moderates

That, it turns out, is exactly what the new, higher electoral threshold has done.


Israel defense planning: Will Iran's leaders be rational, irrational or mad?

Whether Iranian national decision makers will turn out to be rational, irrational, or mad is clearly beyond any imaginable powers of selection or creation in Jerusalem.

Tony Blair

Tony Blair’s flawed peace plan

There is an elephant in the room, which Blair pointedly ignores.

benjamin netanyahu

The question the left refuses to face

Why do people still back Netanyahu? Because in statecraft, as in medicine, the first rule is ‘do no harm.’


That dirty word appeasement

The major lesson to be learned from the history of the 1930s is that there is no satiating the appetites of dictators and autocrats.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

He who charms with words can accomplish anything

The lead up to Netanyahu's address to Congress on March 3 resembles the plot of The Karate Kid.

child palestinian

ISIS, Jordan, and 'Palestine' - The limits of Israeli security under international law

Palestine would represent a mortal danger to Israel, whether or not it had adhered to any of its pre-independence agreements to demilitarize.

2014 Israel Prize ceremony

Ceding cultural power centers without putting up a fight

The left controls such centers because it invested decades of effort in doing so. The right doesn’t even try.

Natanz Facility

Speechless on Iranian nukes

Obama is trying everything in his power to unseat Bibi, including what he accuses the Israeli premier of doing: meddling in another democracy’s domestic politics.

Islamic State Tank

The missing factor in the war on terror

Despite the fact that death is not a deterrent for Islamic radicals, there are certain deterrents that can bring them to their knees and end or significantly diminish their barbarism.

Barack Obama

Be serious against terror, dear President!

I would suggest President Obama could better lay focus on the regions that are the centers of religious tolerance today.

Abdul Fattah al-Sisi

Why Sisi is the West’s least favorite Arab autocrat

The Egyptian president's war on terror in Sinai is a daily reminder of why Israel shouldn’t leave the West Bank.

People cheer while carrying Hezbollah flags as they celebrate Resistance and Liberation Day

Arabs lose patience with Hezbollah

Within the past few weeks not only has Hamas’s military wing been branded a terrorist organization by Egypt, but Hezbollah and its leader have been roundly condemned.


Democracy and Judaism in Israel: Body and soul, or rival religions?

That depends on how you define democracy – which is why the ‘Jewish vs. democratic’ debate has become so fraught.

US Capitol

Can Netanyahu thwart a bad agreement between US and Iran?

The US president wants to proceed along his current negotiations path, hoping to reach what he deems to be, a peaceful outcome to the Iranian problem.

Turkish Kurds

The Kurds – standard bearers for humanity

When the final battle has been fought and won – or even in advance of that happy event – supporting the Kurds’ desire for an independent sovereign state would be a suitable gesture of appreciation.

Bordeaux synagogue

Jewish survival in France: Will European history repeat itself?

Over the past several dozen years, French officials and journalists have routinely characterized the Palestinian slaughterers of unprotected Israeli civilians as "militants."

Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni

What’s really at stake in this election: unilateral pullout from West Bank

That’s the unspoken message of Amos Yadlin’s appointment as Labor’s candidate for defense minister.

Alleged Israeli strike on Syria

Iran and Hezbollah – an explosive combination

Retaliation to Israel's alleged strike in Syria is inevitable, emanating either from Iran or via its Hezbollah satrap, but the degree and consequences of any reprisal hang in the balance.

Paris shooting

Anti-Semitism and the battle against Jihad

Jihadist terrorism is by no means exclusively anti-Semitic, but all anti-Semitic activity panders to the brutal, inhumane and unacceptable world-view peddled by jihadists.


US, Britain and France will be next if ICC indicts Israel

Courts seeking to expand their jurisdiction always start with ‘easy’ targets, then use that precedent against others.

Charlie Hebdo

Combating terror: The tough battle ahead

It is high time Western governments get serious in the war on terror.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Lebanon reaches the limit

The country will no doubt be used as an object lesson by governments, political parties and organizations across the world with their own agendas for limiting immigration.

Elections in Israel

Pushing a false choice between Jewish and democratic

The proportion of Jews who value both equally has plunged, due to years of being told it’s either-or.

Charlie Hebdo

Can Charlie Hebdo's spirit include Israel?

The best response to Islamist attacks on the only Mideast democracy, Israel, is to increase support for it.

Mahmoud Abbas‏

PA ICC Move - An opportunity

Israel should try to convey the truth about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

A Venezuelan student walks over a cloth with red paint and the Star of David.

Dreaming the wrong dream

This endless recycling of the same old factoids and tired rebuttals have been heard thousands of times. And they don't resonate with anyone.

Limmud FSU

Sharing the good news about Israel

Overseas Jews are hungry to hear it. And if we don’t tell them, who will?

Libyan Army Forces.

Libya and the anti-Islamist struggle

Since taking control in Tripoli the self-appointed Libya Dawn government has torched the homes of dozens of rival politicians and cracked down on critical media.

Ashoura festival

Will Islamabad crush Islamists?

The militant Islamist threat has over the years become too dangerous to be overlooked.

Jerusalem's Old City

Surviving amid chaos: Israel's most dangerous game

Neither the United States nor the United Nations will save Israel, the first, for lack of capacity, the second, for lack of good will.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani shakes hands with Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan

The non-Arab Middle East: Iran, Turkey and Israel

In addition to the numerous non-Arab minorities that inhabit the region, three major non-Arab states straddle it – Iran, Turkey and Israel.


Campaign jockeying reveals growing cracks in haredi walls

For a Shas politico to consider teaming up with religious Zionists would have been inconceivable not long ago.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey and the Islamic State

From the point of view of the West, Turkey’s antagonism towards Syria’s President Bashar Assad outweighs any opposition it may have to IS.


Abandoning the diplomatic battlefield to our enemies

Israel spends much less than the PA on its foreign service, then wonders why it’s losing the PR war.

State of Palestine

Ignoring strategic reality

Unforeseen dangers of a Palestinian state.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Indo-US ties : All eyes on Obama

Given the nature of the growing Indian economy and its futuristic profile, New Delhi today needs nuclear power on a very large scale.

The monument of the former assassinated Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri

Who killed Rafik Hariri?

The Tribunal is raising the possibility that the answer to the question “Who killed the one-time prime minister of Lebanon?” is President Bashar Assad of Syria.

jerusalem protest

Nation-state bill is wrong solution to a real problem

We need a law reinstating the constitutional ground rules previous Basic Laws broke, not one that breaks them again.

Barack Obama

Obama: Helping terror go nuclear

US President Barack Obama appears desperate to get a nuclear accord with Iran at any price.

Terror attack scene in Jerusalem

On incitement, lots of talk but little action

PM keeps asking other governments to do more to combat anti-Israel incitement, but his own does nothing.


To finally look behind the news

What do Islamist terrorists seek?

Arafat and Abbas

Recognizing Palestine – anomalies and ambiguities

No Palestinian leader will dare to sign up finally to a two-state solution, since to do so would be to concede that Israel has an acknowledged and legitimate place within Mandate Palestine.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Dacca fighting New Delhi’s war too

Dacca’s sincerity against terror can be discerned also in its cooperation with India in the wake of the October 2 grenade explosion in Burdwan.


A war for the soul of Israel’s Arab community

It’s a vital war, it’s happening now, and many of our national leaders are helping the wrong side

Nuclear facility

Iran and the West – how big a gap?

Will Iran’s tenacious defiance finally triumph over the pusillanimity of the US administration?

Iran missiles

Iranian nukes and 'Palestine' - mutually reinforcing perils for Israel

In essence, and contrary to a long-prevailing conventional wisdom, Iran and Palestine do not represent separate or unrelated hazards to Israel.


Islamic State – APEC a fizzer - G20 promises no better

Hopefully the Beijing babble will give way to serious business in Brisbane.


Indo-Israeli bond deepening

India today is Israel’s largest purchaser of defense technology.

Palestinians in east Jerusalem

Jerusalem tries out ‘broken windows’ policing

The new policy won’t solve all the city’s problems, but if maintained, it might reduce the violence.

 Gaza Strip

Egypt’s war on terrorism

Perhaps Egypt can succeed where Israel has notably failed – in convincing the leaders of Hamas that terrorism is a two-edged weapon that can bring an unwelcome retribution down on its perpetrators.

Mahmoud Abbas

A lethal mantra for Palestinian statehood and Mideast peace

Any still-proposed “Two-State Solution” derives from an historical and conceptual misunderstanding of Israel and “Palestine.”


A Basic Law passed by 32 MKs doth not a constitution make

No other democracy worldwide has ever treated legislation passed by a minority of parliament as a binding constitution.

Foreign ministers of the Arab League take part in an emergency meeting at the league's headquarters

The Arab World and Israel: New possibilities

Could one envisage an Arab League summit, with Israel at the table, discussing details of a détente between Israel and the PA? Stranger things have happened.

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