Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of June 13, 2014

TIP FOR THE WEEK: This is the week for contemplation rather than for action.

Star galaxy nebula colourful 370 (photo credit: UCLA/JPL-Caltech/NASA/Reuters)
Star galaxy nebula colourful 370
(photo credit: UCLA/JPL-Caltech/NASA/Reuters)
MAY 21-JUNE 21

The time has come for you to give some serious thought to what you really need in your life and what excess baggage you continue carrying around on your shoulders. Money and financial matters may take on more importance as funds you were expecting may be delayed, so take care and watch your spending right now. Take the time to keep your books up-to-date so as to have a running account of your finances.
HINT: When discussing your plans with a water sign be prepared for some interesting information as this person sees things from a much different perspective than you do.

This is not the time for beginning new projects, but you can proceed without concern on anything which has been sitting on the drawing board for awhile. You have wonderful ideas and the time is right for turning some of your dreams into a reality. Family and close friends are always uppermost on your mind and this week you will enjoy spending more time with some of the people you care about the most.
HINT: Your relationship with your partner and/or mate is greatly improved now that you understand that the storm is just their way of releasing pressure and actually has very little to do with you.

Don’t let old wounds and insecurities rob you of your sense of worth today. You are not that person anymore, and anyone who has been foolish enough to lose you as a friend never deserved to stand next to you in the first place. This week you will have to tighten your belt and remember that the money you save now will be put to very good use in a few weeks. HINT: You may have a problem establishing working boundaries with your family this week, so don’t say yes when you really mean no. In the long run it will be a lot of confusion and misunderstandings will be avoided.

You can continue venting without regard as to who you are showering with your anger or frustration. Or, you could take a step back and think twice before speaking. The choice is yours. But remember that you will have many more friends the more you treat others as you yourself wish to be treated. Unusually sensitive to your relationship with your partner and/or mate this week you will discover that the more honest and appreciative you are, the stronger the bond will grow.
HINT: Money and financial matters are accented as unforeseen bills crop up.

Too many demands on you both professionally as well as socially have taken their toll and you are running on empty. Take an evening or two this week to lock your doors, shut your phones, turn off your computer and relax. It won’t take much for you to get back up and running once you have rested and recharged. Abrupt changes in your schedule may cause a few financial upsets, but with careful planning you can recoup your losses very quickly. Self-discipline will ease you over the bumps.
HINT: A planned meeting with a family member in the coming weeks is just what you need to feel more in control and self-confident.

You may have the feeling that you are treading water an all your hard work is in vain. The truth is that you are moving at exactly the pace you need for now.  Any faster and you might not notice the new people who are entering your life and the interesting contacts you are making. When in doubt, trust your intuition. Financially things are moving in the right direction and in the coming months you will feel a shift for the better in your monetary situation.
HINT: A conversation with a water sign may leave you with more questions than answers this week.

This is a perfect week to take a step back from your very busy schedule and enjoy some time surrounded by family and close friends. Not a stranger to hard work you have set some impressive goals for yourself and, one by one, can be proud of what you have already achieved, but you need the break and definitely can afford to take some time off.  A meeting with an air sign will be a breath of fresh air and just what you need in order to get a different perspective of things. HINT: When dealing with an elderly member of your family, you can stick to your guns without bruising the other person’s feelings.

Overworked and extremely tired, you may inadvertently ignore the feelings of a family member who is not as thick skinned as you are. Take a step back and either avoid meeting this person for a week or so, or if that isn’t possible, be patient and kind. In the long run you will be very happy you did. If you are careful with your finances you may still have some money left over for a short, but sweet trip in the coming months.
HINT: Friday and Saturday are perfect days for taking care of personal business.

The glass really is half full all you need to do is change your perspective and you will see just how far you have already come in your quest. That said, there is always room for improvement and your next stage will be to fill in some of the things you feel are missing in your life. A planned trip for either business or pleasure will be just what you need to brighten your mood. Time spent either at home alone or entertaining a select group of friends will help the week pass quickly.
HINT: A breakdown in communication at work is expected so back up your work, take careful notes and don’t let the situation shake your confidence. It is simply a glitch that will soon be rectified.

Family responsibilities have taken up much of your spare time lately leaving you feeling frustrated and tired. Only you can carve out the space you need and once you decide that you need to put your own needs first, you will be amazed at how simply everything else falls into place. Be patient with an elderly member of your family. This person is simply lonely and is looking for someone to talk to.
HINT: Problems with electrical equipment or plumbing may cause a dent in your savings this week, but you still need to call in the experts rather than try to fix things yourself.

Your communications skills have been excellent for so long, but for the next couple of weeks you need to check your facts very carefully and wherever possible think twice before speaking. Your credibility is at stake and a misspoken word will not be easy to take back. Your partner and/or mate continues to be a solid source of support and is always available to share your ideas and thoughts.
HINT: You may discover that money flows through your fingers at an alarming rate right now so close your fist and pay attention to your finances.

Things are definitely looking up and you are beginning to enjoy the fruits of your labors. There still aren’t enough hours in the day, but you are managing and don’t need to make any major changes in your weekly schedule. That said, it might take you a bit longer to organize your thoughts or express yourself in writing for the next week or two so plan accordingly.
HINT: You may find the need to be alone during the middle portion of this week. The quiet is just what you need in order to relax, make plans and simply do nothing for a change.