The Numbers Crunch: Eisner beating video goes viral

Israel remembers the six million; Iran stories noticeably absent from Top Five; fly-in letter spreads on Facebook.

April 20, 2012 11:01
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The Numbers Crunch

Numbers Crunch 311. (photo credit: Mrkay Design)

Jerusalem Post readers showed interest in a variety news topics this week, mostly local and regional stories. Noticeably absent from the Top Five list were stories on Iran, after a fresh round of

Meanwhile, social media was abuzz with commemorative posts on Thursday, as Israelis

In other regional news, a shaky cease-fire in Syria made headlines internationally, with the story taking up 4% of the US newshole according to the Pew Research Center’s

The data found that Egypt coverage peaked as Hosni Mubarak stepped down in February 2011, whereas in Libya the high point was NATO’s intervention in March that year. The report found that Syria’s uprising, unlike Egypt and Libya, “never dominated news coverage and has, in fact, generated consistently modest to negligible attention.” Coverage of the ongoing violence, according to the report, exceeded 3% of the newshole only once, in February this year, when two journalists were killed in the country, and the US closed its Syrian embassy.

Lastly, to wrap up this week, the latest shot from the JPost Instagram account:

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