Reading between the Armenian lines

What you see from the outside is not always what you get inside Armenian churches.

January 19, 2017 16:27
Dor Guez

Israeli artist Dor Guez. (photo credit: URI GERSHUNI)

These days there seems to be so much information available that we necessarily tend to narrow our investigatory sights and focus on ever more specific fields of knowledge. But, in days of yore, you would often find a university student taking a degree in, say, philosophy, law and anthropology. Back then it was only natural to encompass interfacing areas of study.

The idea of the intermarriage of fields from seemingly highly diverse disciplines comes across in Dor Guez’s new exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art, “The Sick Man of Europe: The Composer.” The notion that sonic endeavor and topography are natural bedfellows is front and center in the show right from the start. As you enter the initial display space, on the wall in front of you, you see an undulating line that corresponds to a mountainous ridge, which, explains Guez, is reflected in Armenian music.


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