The doctor is in

Storied sexologist Dr. Ruth Westheimer tackles the subject of sex and the Jewish tradition at Beit Avi Chai.

September 6, 2017 18:19
The doctor is in

An icon in spraypaint: Dr. Ruth holds up a photo of a storefront in Mahaneh Yehuda that has been decorated with her smiling face (one of the many done by Solomon Souza of influential/historical Jewish figures).. (photo credit: ARIEL DOMINIQUE HENDELMAN)

To say Dr. Ruth Westheimer enjoys her work as a sex therapist is like saying that a flower enjoys the sun; it is not simply an appreciated element, it is her raison d’etre.

Dr. Ruth, as she is commonly known, has built an astounding career spanning many years out of this passion for talking about sex. Now 89 years old, Westheimer has amassed a litany of titles: prolific author, charismatic media personality, former Hagana sniper in Israel’s War of Independence and of course, celebrated therapist.


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