Man found at NY airport with bomb, weapons; court denies bail

October 17, 2008 01:46

A man trying to board an airplane to Las Vegas was arrested Thursday after a pipe bomb, knife, fireworks and other suspicious electronics were found in his luggage at a Long Island airport, authorities said. Steven Nobles told authorities he built the pipe bomb using a metal pipe, fuses and gunpowder from M-80 explosives, smokebombs and other fireworks. His intent, according to a federal complaint, was for the device to "cause a giant smoke cloud, a flash of light and hopefully a loud noise." The 20-year-old Las Vegas man showed up in court wearing a black T-shirt featuring a machine gun and green glow-in-the-dark skulls, and was promptly denied bail. "His actions are bizarre. I don't feel comfortable giving him bail at this time," US Magistrate A. Kathleen Tomlinson said in US District Court in Central Islip following his arrest at Long Island's MacArthur Airport, east of New York City.

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