WATCH: Old Spice advert targets Israel's manly men

The vintage brand uses Hebrew slang to appeal to a young Israeli crowd.

June 11, 2013 12:42
1 minute read.
Old Spice, "Israeli men"

Old Spice guy. (photo credit: Youtube screenshot)

You may remember him from Old Spice's 2010 campaign, "The man your man could smell like." And in a new campaign,"Israeli Men," Old Spice's hunk Isaiah Mustafa brings his shirtless, masculine charm to the Holy Land. With only a towel covering his lower body, the muscular model instructs his audience on how to be a "gever gever" (man's man).

Old Spice's new Middle-Eastern version uses Hebrew slang and stereotypes to appeal to a young Israeli crowd. Israeli men "play manly games like matkot and sheshbesh," he teases, referring respectively to a beach bat-and-ball game and backgammon - two Israeli favorites.

"Israeli men are men. They are brave, beautiful and magnificent," says Mustafa in his now-famous deep voice. “They eat manly food like shawarma, matbucha and gefilte fish.”

The commercial is a throwback to his earlier campaign, in which Mustafa reminds women that their significant other could be, or smell, just as appealing by using Old Spice.

This is not Mustafa's first advert directed specifically at the Israeli market. Several months ago he appeared in a commercial for Maccabee Beer. Dressed in a suit in a setting reminiscent of the Oval Office, he rapped beer lovers who did not choose Maccbee as they "do not know what taste is."

But now, with the fiery summer heat approaching, hopefully Israeli men can learn a lesson from Mustafa on how to smell "brave, beautiful and magnificent."

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