Obama hails courage of Rabin, Hussein

Obama hails courage of

February 21, 2010 13:11
Obama fist 248.88

Obama fist 248.88. (photo credit: )

On the 15th anniversary of the peace treaty between Jordan and Israel, US President Barack Obama on Monday night hailed the courage of then-leaders King Hussein and prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. "As we honor this historic event, we remember that peace is always possible despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles," said the US president in a statement released by the White House. "The courage of King Hussein and Prime Minister Rabin demonstrated that a commitment to communication, cooperation, and genuine reconciliation can help change the course of history." He said the two leaders "stared down the past's doubters and stood together in the interest of common progress." "As we work with Arabs and Israelis to expand the circle of peace, we take inspiration from what Jordan and Israel achieved fifteen years ago, knowing that the destination is worthy of the struggle," concluded the statement. Meanwhile, in Amman on Monday, dozens of Jordanian unionists set an Israeli flag on fire, calling for the abolition of the treaty.

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