CIA: Iran continues nuclear program progress

Iran's holdings are around 80 kgs of 20% enriched uranium. Experts say about 250 kgs needed for a weapon.

April 5, 2012 10:35
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Ahmadinejad at nuclear ceremony in Tehran

Ahmadinejad at nuclear ceremony in Tehran 390 (R). (photo credit: REUTERS)


The CIA report states that the number of operating centrifuges is estimated at 6,200, up from 3,800 in August 2010.

The report notes that some obstacles slowed Iran's progress over the course of the year, but does not specify further.

Iran has also moved forward with its ballistic missile program, which it considers its primary deterrent, according to the CIA.

In late June and July 2011, Iran launched a series of missiles and rockets as part of its Noble Prophet VI military exercise, including Shahab-1/2 SRBMs, a Shahab-3 MRBM and Zelzal rockets. Iran publicized its underground ballistic missile silos which it says are less vulnerable to attack, the report stated.

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