Ben & Jerry’s Israel proposes a new flavor in honor of third election

Ben & Jerry's Israel, which has made specialty flavors in the past, is now trying to figure out what to put in its new flavor in honor of Israel's third election.

Pints of Ben & Jerry's Ice cream sold inside the factory store (July 10, 2018) (photo credit: DAPHNA KRAUSE)
Pints of Ben & Jerry's Ice cream sold inside the factory store (July 10, 2018)
(photo credit: DAPHNA KRAUSE)
The topically minded marketers at Ben & Jerry’s Israel took to Instagram this week to propose the creation of a special new flavor to celebrate Israel’s third elections in a year.
It was announced on December 11 that following an unprecedented political deadlock after the April 9 and September 17 elections, Israel will hold another vote on March 2.
Referencing the Israeli expression, “Third time, ice cream” – meaning that the third time you run into a friend, you should treat each other to an ice cream – Ben & Jerry’s Israel posted on its Instagram account: “We thought that in honor of the elections, we would create a new flavor called ‘Third Time Ice Cream,’ but we can’t decide what to put in it. Any ideas?” This was accompanied by a photo of an ice cream pint in the shadows.
A few people wrote in, suggesting such ingredients as bits of bubble gum, plain vanilla and figs. The company didn’t announce whether any of these were winning ideas. Perhaps the fact that these third elections, widely considered to be indicative of a political crisis and a polarized country, didn’t mix well with the idea of an ice cream flavor, generally associated with treats and enjoyment.
Ben & Jerry’s, the US-based company started in 1978 by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield in Burlington, Vermont, is known for hippy-dippy flavors and socially minded sensibility, and uses the slogan, “Peace, Love & Ice Cream.” Last summer, it created a specialty flavor for US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.
For nearly 20 years, Ben & Jerry’s in Israel has been a privately owned company that is a separate entity from the US company. This is the first time that the Israeli company has considered adding a flavor so overtly connected to politics.
In 2015, Ben & Jerry’s featured a charoset fruit and nut flavor for Passover. It received a lot of publicity but wasn’t a huge hit.