Health Ministry: Watch those eggs

Always buy eggs from reputable shops and other Health Ministry instructions.

March 26, 2015 16:38

Hard boiled eggs, walnuts and cheese dress up roasted eggplant and tomato salad.. (photo credit: YAKIR LEVY)

As Passover is the unofficial egg holiday because of the prohibition of leavening, the Health Ministry has released on its website and Facebook page reminding the public about food safety and the proper use of eggs.

Always buy eggs from reputable shops and not from people selling them on the side of the road. Always purchase them in closed packages stamped with the latest marketing date, where they were sorted and the type and size of egg, the ministry said.

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Store them in a cool place.

Never purchase cracked eggs, as dangerous salmonella bacteria can easily penetrate the shell. Do not wash them after purchase, as water erodes the natural coating that reduces the risk of the bacteria entering through the pores of the shell.

Do not make food – such as mayonnaise or mousse – from uncooked whites or yolks, as only heat can destroy the dangerous bacteria.

Cook eggs in boiling water for at least 10 minutes or fry them until the yolks are firm.

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