Suspect arrested for setting house of abusive daycare owner on fire

Eyewitnesses at the scene told Maariv that early in the morning they heard wheels grinding, within seconds they heard small explosions, and then everything started burning.

The house of Carmel Mauda burning (photo credit: POLICE SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)
The house of Carmel Mauda burning
The Rosh Ha’Ayin house of Carmel Mauda, the owner of a daycare who was filmed abusing toddlers in her home, became engulfed in flames Saturday morning in what police suspect is a case of arson. On Saturday night, an18-year-old suspect was arrested.
Eyewitnesses at the scene told Maariv that early they heard wheels grinding in the morning, and within seconds, heard small explosions before everything started burning.

Videos of Mauda allegedly abusing the children in her care have been shared on social media, which sparked suspicions that parents of the toddlers at the daycare center, which was operated in of her home. Mauda and her family fled to a neighbor’s home nearby once they noticed the fire. Firefighters arrived shortly after the house caught fire and put out the flames but not before significant damage was done.

An investigative team found several suspicious spots in the building that pointed to arson. A shed at the front of the building caught fire first, and from there spread throughout the entire house, including the area where Mauda used to operate her daycare.

Protesters gathered in front of Mauda’s house while it burned. Some of those present said setting fire to her house was wrong, but that her actions against the toddlers were worse. Attorney Benjamin Malka, who represents the parents in the case against Mauda, claimed that although his clients are angry, there was no doubt that they are not behind the arson.

Attorney Guy Ein Tzvi, who represents Mauda, said, “We understand the anger and pain of the parents, but a redline was crossed. People took the law into their own hands, acted in a bullying manner and endangered human life.”

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