600 attend right wing ‘pro-rule of law’ demo in Jerusalem

Ya’alon: Corruption in Israel is a bigger threat than Iran, Hezbollah or Hamas.

December 23, 2017 22:22
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Anti-Corruption protest in Jerusalem, December 23, 2017. Credit: Omer Lovton

Anti-Corruption protest in Jerusalem, December 23, 2017. Credit: Omer Lovton

Some six hundred demonstrators attended the “pro” rally at Jerusalem’s Kikar Zion Saturday night.

Protester intended to express their support against government’s corruption, and at the same time to pose an alternative demonstration to the ones held in Tel Aviv, in which thousands attend weekly.

The key speaker at the rally was former Defense Minister Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon, who criticized the current leader for being corrupt and divisive.

“This is not leadership. Leadership should unite, not divide. Politicians are turning topics such as integrity to ‘left and right’ issues,” he said.

Ya’alon then said that in the past, when he was asked what keeps him awake at night, people expected him to say Iran, “which should keep our leaders awake, but I answered: corruption,” he said.

“Corruption breeds injustices and causes the common citizen to lose faith in our leadership and in the country’s institutions.

It is is a bigger danger than the Iranian threat, Hezbollah, Hamas or ISIS,” he said.

Attendees of the rally waved Israeli flags, and held signs reading: “We deserve clean politics,” and “Rule of law is not a matter for Left and Right.” Protesters were chanting: “Not Left and not Right - we are walking straight,” and “corruption is dangerous, we support the country.”

One of the main organizers of the rally, journalist Yoaz Hendel, stressed that it is not against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but in favor of rule of law in Israel.

“I am not against Netanyahu, he has many advantages and vast experience. I am here for the State of Israel. You can say whatever you want about my interests… [But] I am here because of how I was educated… You cannot live in peace with this whole ‘divide and conquer method. With the fact that our political leaders do not see a necessity in the words self-example, modesty, and an exemplary society,” he said.

It was reported that politicians from the coalition have received threats not to attended the rally - which was portrayed as an “anti-Netanyahu” demonstration.

MK Merav Ben-Ari, who attended the rally as well, told the Jerusalem Post that she is there to express he support in the Supreme Court, the Israel Police and other institutions “that were under attack recently.

“We are here to show that we are for the rule of law. Even among the right, there are people who think that there are things that should improve, and there is criticism against those institutions, but there also good things in them,” he said.

“The fact that so many people came today - in minimum time and press against it - shows their devotion to the country,” she said.

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