IDF troops might get latest Tavor 7 bullpup assault rifle

"You don't want to get hit by something like this."

Tavor 7 bullpup assault rifle (photo credit: ANNA AHRONHEIM)
Tavor 7 bullpup assault rifle
(photo credit: ANNA AHRONHEIM)
Troops in the Israel’s military might have their weapons upgraded to Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) latest Tavor 7 Bullpup assault rifle, two years after it went on the market to American civilians.
First used by the IDF in 2006, the Tavor replaced the American-made M-16 and M-14 rifles and has since become the primary assault rifle for all IDF infantry and special forces units.
The Tavor 7 is expected to be fielded by sharpshooters in IDF infantry brigades next year, The Jerusalem Post learned on Tuesday, even though it went on the shelves in the United States in July of last year and a short search online has the assault rifle going for between $1,700 and $2,000 in the US.
“This weapon, which has better ballistics, has more force and a longer range,” Gilad Hemsani from IWI told the Post on Tuesday. “Sniper rifles have the same caliber of bullets as the Tavor 7 assault rifle. You don’t want to get hit by something like this.”
Compared to older models, the Tavor 7 is larger due to the bullets used – 762 x 51 mm. – which are the biggest caliber bullets used by assault forces.
Hemsani explained to the Post that the Tavor 7 is designed for sharpshooters in infantry forces as it has more stability and a range of 500 meters. It can also be used in indoor operations, fighting from vehicles, urban areas and in other situations.
“The great advantage of this weapon over other weapons is that it can almost be a sniper rifle,” as it is also a relatively lightweight even with sniper scopes added on to it, Hemsani said, adding that the rifle features a classic gas-operated, short-stroke piston action.
It is made with high-strength, impact-modified polymer, its metal parts are corrosion resistant and it comes with replaceable barrels available in two lengths. Measuring 28 inches long, it weighs about 9 pounds without a magazine, it is characterized by enhanced accuracy and longer life cycle.
“Tavor 7 is a battle-ready innovative weapon, built to be durable and robust, designed in close collaboration with the IDF to create a weapon with outstanding performance and accuracy in all environmental conditions with enhanced human ergonomics,” IWI said.
Designed to be more reliable, durable for minimum operator maintenance, it has a compact bullpup configuration enabling the rapid acquisition of target and can fire approximately 600 to 900 rounds per minute. The Tavor 7 can also be fired using only one hand and complies with most NATO standards.
The Tavor 7 assault rifle is a fully ambidextrous weapon with the ejection side and charging handle as well as the safety lever and magazine release quickly interchangeable from side to side by the user. The pistol grip can also be changed or modified.
Additional features of the Tavor 7 include a short stroke gas piston with four available positions – regular conditions, extreme conditions, suppressor and closed conditions, which are uniquely designed for the needs of special operations.
It is available in four colors, but if you are looking for a pink or golden Tavor 7, you are out of luck. It comes in Sniper Gray, OD Green, Black and Flat Dark Earth.
A leader in defense, the world has for many years looked to the Jewish state for security and intelligence, and Israel’s defense industry has leading international companies exporting to countries across the globe.
IWI’s Tavors are also in use by government bodies, law enforcement officers and police SWAT teams worldwide, exported to more than 30 countries including Columbia, Georgia, Guatemala, India, the Philippines, Portugal and Thailand.
The Tavor 7, unveiled last year at Eurosatory 2018, was highlighted at the company’s pavilion at the ISDEF 2019 exhibition in Tel Aviv.
The three-day-long 10th annual ISDEF exhibition organized by Avnon Group is currently taking place at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds, and has brought in officials and delegates from dozens of countries from around the world and more than 300 exhibitors.

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