Israeli police put end to illegal Thai cockfight

Cockfights are legal and very popular in Thailand. Not so much in Israel.

January 20, 2018 12:16
Israeli police put end to illegal Thai cockfight

Roosters i a Thai cockfight stopped in central Israel. (photo credit: POLICE SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)

After receiving alerts that an illegal cockfight was taking place near Kfar Hess in central Israel on Saturday night, police forces arrived on the scene and put a stop to the event.

A group of Thai immigrants were standing around an arena containing a group of fighting roosters. The police promptly arrested six men.

Cockfighting is an old and popular tradition in Thailand. The fights are legal but the animals do not fight to the death. According to Thai tradition, Prince Naresuan of the 16th century won such a fight against the King of Burma.

In 2015 Israeli employers of a Thai woman claimed that she conducted illegal cockfights on their land and sent the extra money to Thailand.

However, Judge Hofit Gershon rejected the idea that the Israelis were exempt from paying the Thai woman in full for overlooking the illegal activity and ordered them to pay her back her missing wages in full. 

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