Zion Tech: Israeli start up Rinbw aims to change the way you look at your contacts

The app allows users to watch a 5-second video of their friends' status.

December 8, 2014 18:30
1 minute read.

Rinbw allows users to watch a 5-second video of their friends' status.. (photo credit: Courtesy)

We all know Seinfeld is a TV show about nothing, but raising $2 million without a product is something we haven't heard.

Our very own Israeli version for this concept is Itay Adam, a professional marketing expert with experience in building dozens of online products.

He went to his investors with a new approach in a stand-up comedy pitch.

"After building good and bad products no one really knows what will work, what will be a big hit and what will crash, I've seen great products that didn’t work for no special reason," he told the investors.

"We will give each product the right time and the opportunity to succeed and use other products to support him."

Adam's first release is Rinbw, an app that enables users to make a five-second video about their current status.

Like a rainbow in the sky, the app is colorful and has unique features like double-clicking on your friends' status to "Fruit" them which is similar to clicking "like" on Facebook.

When you want to call a Rinbw user you see his status and communicate with him about it.

Currently for IOS and with Android coming soon, Adam's team is very unique in the startup arena and isn’t based on young workers.

"I'm looking for people with experience that have done many products and know what to do, I close the office at 6 pm, we are all family people and there should be no reason if you plan what you are doing to work long hours," the app founder said.

Zion Tech Grade 8.5 /10


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