Police and courts receive failing grades in public’s eyes, according to CBS survey

The survey found that majority of Jewish-Israelis (56%) and Arab-Israelis (62%) did not do not believe that the police treat all citizens equitably.

September 19, 2016 20:04
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Israel police.

TWO OFFICERS patrol the streets of Tel Aviv as part of the police department’s foot patrol program.. (photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)

Data released by the Central Bureau of Statistics on Monday revealed largely negative views of the police force and court system among the public.

According to the survey, conducted as a part of the country’s annual Social Survey, only 39% of all Israelis positively assessed police performance. Among Arab Israelis, 69% had a negative view of the police.

“We can absolutely use these findings to improve government services,” Nurit Dobrin manager of the CBS Social Survey told The Jerusalem Post. “This survey reflects the atmosphere of the public. A lot of things came from [the survey] that can really be used for the basis of improvements.”

The survey found that the majority of Jewish Israelis (56%) and Arab Israelis (62%) do not believe the police treat all citizens equitably. Among secular Jews only 26% believed the police treat all citizens equally, while 35% of traditional Jews, 37% of Orthodox Jews and 33% of haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jews said police treatment is equal. Among those who based their opinions on personal experience with the police, 30% said all citizens are treated equally.

The court system received slightly higher reviews; 41% positively assessed performance of the courts. Among Arab Israelis, 60% expressed a positive opinion of the courts. Some 42% believe the courts treat all citizens equally. Among those who based their opinions on personal experience with the court system, 52% believe that all citizens are treated equally in the court.

The survey was conducted among 7,500 people, ages 20 and older.

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