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Is mother-tongue English now a prerequisite for prime minister? - analysis

The answer to that question could decide who replaces Netanyahu as Likud leader, no matter whether it will be in a matter of months or years.


How Yair Lapid changed the world with his government-building strategy

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: Those who praised Lapid will now be looking to see what results he delivers as foreign minister and what accomplishments the new government could deliver.

Traditional picture of the new government at the President's Residence in Jerusalem, June 14, 2021.

Photo of new ministers shows achievements, failures in treating divisions

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Staged, frontal, lifeless and nonexclusive, these pix are photojournalism’s antithesis. Nationally, however, they are reassuring, sending a message of stability and continuity.

Rivlin says goodbye to Supreme Court chief and justices

"The Israeli legal system is, without a doubt, one of the glorious achievements, and the clearest expressions of the Zionist dream, and Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel."

Biden and Bennett's cautiously optimistic start - analysis

Biden and Bennett have never met, in contrast to Netanyahu, who has known the US president for 40 years, but Biden waited almost a month to call Netanyahu, and rushed to call Bennett within 2 hours.

First deaf MK sworn in to Knesset, 13 new legislators join parliament

Deaf MK Shirley Pinto, an advocate for empowering people with disabilities, has cultivated a successful career supporting those in need.


New US-born MK aims to fix ties with 'alienated progressive Jewish world'

"It is an honor to serve the third Jewish commonwealth and take part in the celebration of democracy."

Moroccan king Mohammed VI

Moroccan king congratulates Bennett on premiership

“I’m happy to send you warm blessings and a wish of good luck in honor of your election as prime minister of the State of Israel,” the king wrote.

No-confidence vote filed against new government

One was filed by Likud faction chairman Miki Zohar, another was filed by Shas and United Torah Judaism.


Diaspora Affairs minister urges equality for all denominations in Israel

Incoming minister Nachman Shai says that Israel must provide assistance to the Diaspora and its help, saying that Israel can provide help on ‘education, Jewish identity, and attachment to Israel.’

Senior ultra-Orthodox rabbi: New gov't wants to make people non-religious

Haredi MKs pledge not to work with ultra-Orthodox advisers who work with new government.

gigi bella hadid

Bella Hadid and Al-Jazeera share slanderous quotes of PM Bennett

Naftali Bennett is under fire as misquoted comments about the Prime Ministers' intentions to kill Palestinians have been shared by Bella Hadid and Al Jazeera publication, AJ+.


Shas spiritual leader: Boycott Israel's government

Rabbi Shalom Cohen calls on MKs, Shas officials and heads of institutions to refrain from any contact with the new ‘wicked government,’ says God will provide.

Meet Gilat Bennett, the wife of Israel's new prime minister

She grew up secular, yet married the observant Naftali Bennett at 22. She is a right-wing ideologue, but clashed with Sarah Netanyahu. Everything you need to know about the new PM's wife


Bennett's government pushes off anti-Netanyahu bill

Michaeli: "I would rather stop thinking about Netanyahu and focus on helping the citizens of this country."


Netanyahu fails to move up Likud primary

Likud MKs fight over sparse posts in Knesset available for them: faction chairman and Knesset State Control Committee chairman.


Bennett purges Yamina of MKs who opposed new government

A domino effect is expected among Yamina candidates as Naftali Bennett works to ensure that MKs remain loyal.


Bennett-Netanyahu handover meeting lasts only 25 minutes, Bennett unfazed

Netanyahu declined to take part in the traditional transition ceremony, and the brief meeting took place behind closed doors.


Matan Kahana wants to fix Israel's divisions over religion, state

New religious services minister has set a goal of decentralizing conversion, reforming kashrut supervision and changing the electoral body for chief rabbis to ensure religious-Zionist rabbi is elected.

Lapid to take lead over Bennett on foreign ties, peace with Arab states

Alternate prime minister lays out foreign policy agenda, improving relations with Jordan and the US Democratic Party.

Gantz advances investigative committee into Meron disaster

"This is a basic ethical imperative as far as the families are concerned, and no less important, there is need for an investigation to prevent future tragedies of this nature."

A map of Middle East between Africa Europe and Central Asia

Israel’s new gov’t, Jordan and the rest of the Middle East - analysis

The new Bennett-Lapid administration must abandon Netanyahu's brand of one-man diplomacy.

Liberman in first address plans two-year budget, no tax hikes

The first priority is to pass a "responsible" two-year budget for 2021-2022 with "no games," Liberman said.


Antagonism during Bennett speech ugly preview of things to come - analysis

No, a lovefest was not expected, but neither was a food fight this ugly

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett at the Defense Ministry on February 25, 2020.

Naftali Bennett: Who is Israel's new prime minister?

How did Naftali Bennett go from New York City businessman to Israel's choice for Prime Minister-designate in under two decades?

Israel's 36th gov't: Here is the list of new cabinet ministers

The 36th government will serve under Naftali Bennett * Yair Lapid is expected to take over as prime minister in August 27, 2023


Israel's new coalition needs to take action to save the union - comment

The Israeli union, a delicate embroidery of ethnicities, faiths, tribes and ideas, is even more complex than what the American nation nearly tore apart 160 years ago

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden

Netanyahu picks fight with Biden in final speech as prime minister

Gantz: No political move justifies taking fight public; Bennett thanks Biden for supporting Israel in last Gaza war

Progress made for women, but there is still a way to go - comment

In the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Gender Gap report of 2021, Israel was ranked in the low 60th spot in the world in advancing gender equality.


How will new gov’t impact Bibi trial? - analysis

As long as he was prime minister, he could negotiate with the president for a pardon

The Netanyahu family

Netanyahu children to continue receiving security detail for a year

Sources indicate that the children of a prime minister usually get protection from the special "Magen" unit of the PMO, which gets directives from the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency).

Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman

What kind of Finance Minister will Avigdor Liberman be?

Liberman's approach would help push more people to rejoin the workforce but could spell disaster for thousands of breadwinners that are still legitimately struggling to find work.


History in the making: How Bennett and Lapid's brotherly bond began

In 2012 Bennett won the primary to head Bayit Yehudi, and Lapid formed his Yesh Atid party. Both parties did well in the 2013 election. That was just the beginning for them both.


Bennett-Lapid have to face Biden as China’s tentacles grow in Israel

Chinese company banned in US competing for Tel Aviv light rail tender to be decided in coming days.


Balfour, the prime minister's residence, as a symbol

Whether the “Balfour” title will apply indefinitely to the Prime Minister’s Residence, or whether it will be packed in one of Netanyahu’s suitcases if and when he leaves, is anyone’s guess.

Bennett-Lapid gov't's first 100 days: 6 essential measures to be passed

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Like Franklin Roosevelt in 1933, the new government will have to do several things quickly and flawlessly.

UTJ MK Ya'acov Litzman seen in the Israeli parliament on the day of the presidential elections, in J

Litzman associate suspected of taking bribe from medical cannabis company

The unnamed man was the third associate of Litzman's to be arrested within three days as part of an investigation into a wide-ranging fraud scheme in the health sector.

Israeli government to be sworn in on Sunday, coalition complete

The signing of these agreements, brings to an end two and a half years of political crisis," said incoming Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid meet with the party leaders who make up their new coalition on June 6

Coalition deals to form new anti-Netanyahu government go down to wire

So far, the only agreement signed has been between Yesh Atid and Meretz.


The haredi parties' impact on Israel's religious life under Netanyahu

Ultra-Orthodox parties have wielded heavy influence over matters of religion and state under Netanyahu’s tenure as prime minister.

What will define Benjamin Netanyahu's legacy?

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: As he prepares to leave office next week, we look at Israel’s longest-standing prime minister and the indelible mark that he’s leaving on the country.


What diplomatic challenges await a Bennett-Lapid government?

DIPLOMATIC AFFAIRS: With international pressure around Jerusalem, Iran nuclear talks gaining momentum and shaky bipartisan support in the US, the new government will have to hit the ground running.

Post-COVID-19 economic challenges facing Israel's next government

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Here’s a look at some of the most pressing challenges facing incoming prime minister Naftali Bennett and incoming finance minister Avigdor Liberman.


Nir Barkat: 'This is not the time for unnecessary primaries'

Barkat, who is the richest politician in Israel, funded free dinner and parking for the attendees. There were hamburgers, arais, asado, chicken, rice, noodles, fish and chips, desserts and wine.


Netanyahu has no authority to halt Evyatar outpost demolition, Gantz says

The outpost was built last month by the Nahala movement near the Tapuach junction in the aftermath of the shooting death of Yehuda Guetta.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu – his people skills are not normal.

Netanyahu's final days: Last weekend at Balfour or last-minute surprise?

The leak of the coalition deals was proof of sabotage attempts from within the coalition, knowledgeable sources said.

Shas leader Arye Deri (right) and UTJ leader Ya'acov Litzman (far left) attend a meeting in Jerusale

Haredi fury over Naftali Bennett masks real concern: Funding cuts

The concern is less that the Jewish character of the state will disappear, and more the impact of being in the opposition will have on the budget going to the haredi community.

Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid meet with the party leaders who make up their new coalition on June 6

Fights over settlements holding up coalition deal signings

The disputes include who will oversee efforts to prevent Palestinian construction in Area C and how roads between settlements would be funded.

Nir Barkat and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu present the Likud economic plan during a party even

Barkat to hold 'show of force' rally for over 1,000 Likud activists

Barkat will support - not challenge - Netanyahu and will criticize Bennett and Sa'ar for not joining a Netanyahu-led government.

Amir Ohana at a special cabinet meeting in the Golan Heights

Ohana crossed redlines in interfering with police, ex-police chief says

Ohana has been caught on tape threatening police officials regarding their handling of protests for and against Netanyahu.

Bennett is an 'evil' and 'wicked' Reform Jew who will rot, say haredi MKs

Bennett warned ultra-Orthodox MKs if their outburst is an attempt to deter the inquiry into the Meron disaster, it won't work.

The Bennett-Lapid moment.

Bennett-Lapid gov't to be sworn in Sunday, Netanyahu heads to opposition

Yamina MK Nir Orbach announces he will vote in favor of change government, guaranteeing majority in crucial Knesset vote.


Netanyahu out of options but not out of his mind - analysis

Why Netanyahu is still trying to block Bennett but not to trump Trump * Nevertheless, Netanyahu is still trying to prevent Incoming Prime Minister Naftali Bennett from forming a government.


Will the ferocious haredi assault on Bennett hasten religious reform?

What has riled these leaders is the modest proposals to reform religious life in Israel proposed by Yamina, as well as the more far-reaching plans of Yisrael Beytenu.

Learning to live with the new coalition's contradictions - analysis

All the component parts of this coalition are aware that it is a unique construction, born of unique circumstances.

Avigdor Lieberman, former Israeli Defence Minister and head of Yisrael Beytenu party

This is what Yamina, Yisrael Beytenu want to change on religion and state

Yamina’s coalition agreement with Yesh Atid mentions reforms to the system for Jewish conversion, the provision of kashrut services, and the method of electing the chief rabbis.

Can Israel afford the new government's plans? - analysis

Many of the eight parties that are slated to be part of Israel's 36th Knesset have demanded expensive conditions in exchange for their endorsement.

American family celebrates bar mitzvah summer 2017 in the Azarat Yisrael plaza at Robinson’s Arch

Coalition deal: Kotel deal will implement egalitarian prayer section

Norwegian Law would bring Anglos into Knesset * The coalition agreement reached by Yamina and Yesh Atid gives significant powers to party leaders.


Knesset speaker leaves uncertainty on date for swearing-in new government

Yair Lapid won't petition Supreme Court * Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin bucked expectations by not announcing the swearing-in date for government


NSC officials to FADC: Not sure which cabinet will deal with incitement

Shin Bet Director Argaman who raised the issue didn’t attend because the hearing was public.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu – his people skills are not normal.

Netanyahu amid incitement concerns: Don't be afraid to stick it to them

Incitement talks expand following Shin Bet head's concern over potential loss of life.

Bennett is following Netanyahu in 'abandoning' the Right - analysis

Within that archetypal dichotomy, Netanyahu has a right-wing government almost in his grasp, if only Bennett and Sa'ar would agree to sit in his government.

What kind of foreign minister will Yair Lapid be? - analysis

Lapid’s years as a writer and a TV presenter have made him an excellent communicator and one of the Knesset’s best orators, traits that will serve him well as Israel’s chief diplomat.

What is the agenda of the Bennett-Lapid government? - analysis

How does one select a director-general, cabinet secretary, national security adviser and top foreign policy and economic advisers not knowing if one will indeed become the prime minister?


Netanyahu team not preparing for transition with Bennett

The Knesset vote establishing the new government under Bennett’s leadership is expected to take place on Wednesday.

Netanyahu warns Bennett gov't won't be able to withstand US pressure

He warned against empowering Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid, Labor head Merav Michaeli and Meretz chairman to make decisions about Iran.


PM Netanyahu shares article calling him an 'icon of the global right'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu retweeted statements made by MK Avichai Chikli shortly after Likud's Twitter account accused social media sites of "political censorship."

Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin speaks at a meeting of the Central Elections Committee, July 7, 2020

Knesset speaker to announce date for new government vote Monday

Yamina leader Naftali Bennett: No apologies for forming this coalition


How did Bennett win Israel's prime minister race after the election?

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: The Yamina leader got only seven seats when Israelis voted, but he turned that into victory in the contest that really counted

The Bennett-Lapid moment.

New government to be sworn in on Wednesday

Naftali Bennett quells rebellion in Yamina, vows to honor deal with Yair Lapid * Mickey Levy tapped to replace Yariv Levin as Knesset speaker.


Israel's political guard has all changed at once

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: A country that has had the same prime minister for over 12 years, the same president for 7, and the same head of the Mossad for the last 5-and-a-half now has a new roster.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu – his people skills are not normal.

Netanyahu: What caused the downfall of Israel's legendary prime minister?

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Historians will agree that Netanyahu's downfall was caused not by any event, idea or trend, but by his character.

Bennett or Lapid – who owns the Mossad, Shin Bet? - analysis

If the rotation-unity setup between Netanyahu and Gantz is any indication, it would be Bennett until the switch in August 2023.

PM Bennett, FM Liberman will bring new look for Israel's economy

Economists are also optimistic about Avigdor Liberman as potential finance minister. The Yisrael Beytenu leader has previously served as defense minister and foreign minister


Biden congratulates Herzog on becoming Israel's 11th president

“I am confident that under his presidency, the partnership between Israel and the United States will continue to grow.”

From hope to despair: Israelis react to new anti-Netanyahu coalition

Ya'alon says gov't will get country back on track; Ben-Gvir warns of blood on new members' hands.

Lapid tells Rivlin: I have succeeded in forming coalition with Bennett

Bennett, Abbas finalize coalition deal * New governing coalition has been formed and is prepared to replace Netanyahu

Netanyahou pourra-t-il sauver la coalition?

A government for the people? - comment

It seems like an eternity instead of only a month since Yair Lapid received the mandate from President Reuven Rivlin to form a coalition after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to do so.


Bennett, Lapid in marathon talks to form anti-Netanyahu coalition

"It's all on Ayelet Shaked now. She's the only real issue left."


Can the 'government of change' do more than just oust Bibi? - analysis

Israel needs a government that functions, not just a replacement for Netanyahu.


Herzog, Peretz to face off in presidential race in Knesset

If elected, Peretz would be Israel's first woman president. If he wins, Herzog would be the first president whose father had been president before.


Deri on Bennett's unity gov't announcement: He is 'a little boy'

Deri describes Bennett as ‘little boy' with 6 seats who wants to be prime minister

Head of the Yamina party Naftali Bennett gives a press conference at the Knesset, the Israeli parlia

Will Knesset Speaker Levin postpone vote on new government?

Likud sources: “Levin has the legal right to delay it by a week. It’s not playing a game with the law."


Hundreds in Tel Aviv stand in support of unity gov't, against incitement

Protesters held up signs that said "hope," "Love thy neighbor like thyself," and "We are the women we've been waiting for."

Miriam Peretz speaks at the annual International Municipal Innovation Conference in Tel Aviv, earlie

Presidential candidate Peretz is using Netanyahu's 'gevault' campaign - analysis

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Miriam Peretz's opponent, Jewish Agency chairman Isaac Herzog.


Claim that a new gov't would leave Israel less safe is all spin - analysis

The Bennett-Lapid government may not be replete with the right-wingers we have come to know in the past 12 years, but this does not mean that Israel’s enemies will be emboldened, either.

Is it the end of a quarter century of Bibi bedlam? - analysis

It would fittingly close a circle if Netanyahu reached the pinnacle and ended up leaving it in just as surprising fashion.


Bennett to announce forming gov't coalition with Lapid

They agreed that Bennett would serve first as prime minister until September 2023, after which Lapid would take over until the term ends in November 2025.


What would a Bennett-Lapid 'change' government look like?

Michaeli is expected to be appointed transportation minister and MK Omer Bar-Lev will be public security minister, a post once held by his father, Haim Bar-Lev.

Isaac Herzog should be the next president of Israel - opinion

MIDDLE ISRAEL: The next president must be not only socially relevant, but also politically effective, legally informed, and historically inspired. Miriam Peretz will not be as good at this.

Change camp: Cautious optimism for coalition next week

"A unity government is doable," a source in the change camp said. "If Bennett wants, it will happen. Portfolios, principles or proposed laws will not prevent it."

High Court of Justice prepares for hearing on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can form the

High Court hints at 45-day deadline to pick state attorney

Amit Aisman has served as acting state attorney since January 13, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing bloc have prevented him from being granted a full term.

Yamina's staged plan to the premiership - analysis

Why the beginning of next week is when Yamina leader Naftali Bennett will take his long-awaited steps to replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Ayelet Shaked  responding in her own Knesset press conference to Smotrich accusations.

Smotrich: Bennett, Shaked forming left-wing government

Smotrich claims that Bennet and Shaked misled right-wing voters when they said a government with Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid was off the table.


Netanyahu to meet candidates for president

The prime minister will decide after the meetings whether to endorse one of the candidates or remain neutral. Voting for president is conducted by secret ballot among the 120 MKs.

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