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Netanyahu calls Jonathan Pollard, awaits his return to Israel

"You should have a comfortable life now that both of you can pursue your interests and take care of Esther with the best medical treatment in the world," Netanyahu said.

Holocaust survivors protest ‘racist’ candidate for Yad Vashem chair

‘How Eitam talks of our citizens and our neighbors reminds me of things said about us which I heard when I was a child,’ says one Holocaust survivor

In gaffe at anti-violence event, Netanyahu calls women animals

The Prime Minister's Office later said his comments were taken out of context.

A banner depicts Benny Gantz, leader of Blue and White party, and Israel Prime minister Benjamin Net
Ex-intel chief: Ideology’s big role in how politicians process intelligence

“This is part of democracy” with the voters choosing leaders with a certain ideology.

Effi Eitam is the wrong man for Yad Vashem - opinion

MIDDLE ISRAEL: The tragedy is that this nomination is led by a man raised by a historian who used to be historically sensitive.

Meet Mansour Abbas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's unlikely ally

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: The head of the United Arab List aims to change Israeli politics forever

Gantz unlikely to support Eitam for Yad Vashem chair

Sources close to Blue and White leader say he will only support a ‘statesman-like and apolitical figure.’

Is Yad Vashem being politicized? – analysis

It is not only Effi Eitam’s candidacy for chair that has aroused accusations of politicization, but also reports of other possible appointments at Yad Vashem.

President Reuven Rivlin was awarded the Washington Institute Scholar-Statesman Medal
Rivlin awarded prestigious Washington Institute Scholar-Statesman Medal

The award celebrates outstanding leadership that exemplifies advancing Middle East peace through sound scholarship and a discerning knowledge of history.

Netanyahu’s office denies he called Gantz unfit to be prime minister

Both Likud, Blue and White say fate of current gov’t to be decided this week

After Biden's victory, Netanyahu must play the hand he’s been dealt

DIPLOMATIC AFFAIRS: What can Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu do to get into President-elect Joe Biden’s good graces?

Will Netanyahu cross Mandelblit's redlines before the trial?

LEGAL AFFAIRS: How will the attorney-general decide whether Netanyahu can remain PM as trial starts?

Eilat, Dead Sea green zones delayed again due to government blunder

Lack of testing sites makes islands for tourists a mirage.

With election in offing, Gantz to authorize 1,700 illegal settler homes

The move is the latest attempt to deal with the phenomenon of unauthorized settler homes, both in the West Bank settlements and in the outposts.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Benny Gantz warns election to be initiated soon

Source close to him says he will tell PM they are getting divorced

Why the fight over World Likud matters – analysis

Unlike almost every other figure in Likud, Danon is not afraid to defy Netanyahu.

Biden, Netanyahu will be frenemies from the start on settlements

The Trump years were in some ways a diplomatic aberration for Israel-US ties. In reality, the US-Israel relationship has been fraught with tensions, particularly at the top.

Alternate Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benny Gantz
Gantz: Netanyahu emphasis on Republicans causes Israel ‘strategic harm’

Gantz said the situation “cannot continue,” calling for more balance in Israel’s relations with the parties.

 Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon
Danon makes political comeback in World Likud

Proposal to disperse Knesset set for vote

Liat Ben Ari and MK Swid in investigation seat.
Lead prosecutor in Netanyahu cases not running for state attorney post

Sources close to Ben Ari said she was fully satisfied with her decision.

Will Netanyahu, Gantz follow Trump off a cliff?

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: Will Netanyahu and Gantz learn cautionary lessons from the US president’s apparent loss?

Netanyahu: Israel-Africa relations are of utmost importance

Netanyahu pointed out that Israel recently established diplomatic relations with Sudan and Chad, and said it is part of his efforts to expand Israel’s ties in Africa.

An empty Knesset Plenum
Sa’ar, Shasha-Biton propose electing half of Knesset directly

Israel would be divided into 60 constituencies that would be set by the Central Elections Committee using criteria set by the Knesset. The committee could change the constituencies every 10 years.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz attends a cabinet meeting, December 2019.
Blue and White blocks key appointment in Treasury

Yaheli Rotenberg is set to replace Roni Hizkiyahu, who announced his departure in July and whose last day was Thursday.

Netanyahu at Rabin event: My life is threatened, no one does a thing

Part of Rabin’s legacy is telling the truth, keeping promises, remaining strong under pressure, which is missing now, Lapid says

Moshe Arbel: The Shas MK who fights for an equal society

Arbel has emphasized his overriding concern to redress the socioeconomic gaps in Israeli society, but also a desire to change the caustic political culture that has taken root in the country.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny
Blue and White: Alternative government possible

Naftali Bennett has also said that a new government is needed to fight the coronavirus.

Knesset votes down parent labeling bill

Blue and White boycotts bill it backs.

THE US Supreme Court
Will the US judicial right-wing swerve influence Israel’s Supreme Court?

Although there is no parallel timeline, there have been cases where judicial trends in the US have had an impact in Israel too.

US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett reacts as US President Donald Tr
Israeli parallels to the Barrett Supreme Court appointment – analysis

The drama and controversy taking place in the US over the appointment of Barrett is not dissimilar to what happens here when vacancies open up on the court.

Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit and Likud MK Haim Katz
A-G considering new tax fraud indictment against Haim Katz

Katz still has an opportunity to get the case closed at a pre-indictment hearing before Mandelblit.

Danny Danon
Danon not taking diplomatic post while waiting for political developments

Former Yesh Atid MK leaves Herzl Museum after rift with Lapid

Foreign Minister Israel Katz attends a cabinet meeting, December 2019.
As more officials leave Finance Ministry, is Katz losing control?

In a building block game called Jenga, the object is to remove as many blocks as possible before the tower collapses.

Israeli parliament members vote at the Finance committee, during a vote on the 2017-2018 state budge
Senior Blue and White leaders believe no chance to pass 2021 budget

Should the 2021 budget be approved, Netanyahu would be practically unable to avoid handing over the premiership to Gantz in October 2021.

Yair Netanyahu makes a stormy appearance at Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court, December 2018.
Yair Netanyahu: The rise of the son

How much influence does the prime minister’s controversial progeny have on Israel?

Why is the once rising Joint List falling fast in polls?

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Ayman Odeh’s Joint List would fall from the 15 seats it received in the last elections to 11 if Israelis headed to the polls today.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Did Bennett teach Netanyahu
Netanyahu’s lead over Bennett rises to 10 seats in new poll

The gap between Likud and Yamina grew from a low of five seats in an October 8 Panels Research poll and seven last week.

High Court of Justice prepares for hearing on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can form the
High Court appears to back Shin Bet coronavirus surveillance

A heated part of the hearing was where Gan Mor accused the state of using the Shin Bet because they do not trust citizens to tell the truth.

Yehuda Glick hands out heart tokens outside the Likud polling station, February 2019.
Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick wants to run for President

Glick explains why he has what it takes to replace Reuven Rivlin

Zionist Congress headed for showdown over top jobs

"We have attempted to reach other solutions, but right now, our intention is to move forward with the same deal," Miki Zohar said.

Netanyahu plunged to new depths in submarine scandal vote – analysis

What matters is that because Zohar did not have the coalition ready in time for the key vote and lost, suddenly Israelis are talking about submarines again.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Did Bennett teach Netanyahu
Ex-Likud minister Limor Livnat: Netanyahu era is over, Bennett worthy

"Most of the MKs in the Likud today are Netanyahu's yes men," she said. "They don't criticize him, and so he promotes them according to that."

The Shas - Likud bloc is proving to be stronger than COVID - analysis

“There is no alternative to Bibi,” Shas MK Moshe Abutbul told Radio Tzafon on Tuesday.

55% of Israelis think recent lockdown was politically motivated

The survey also highlighted the lack of trust in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to manage the coronavirus crisis.

Alternate Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benny Gantz
Gantz threatens to pass bill that would end Netanyahu’s career

Poll finds Bennett could form government without Likud, haredi parties, Arabs

Agreement gives powerful post to religious Zionists, ultra-Orthodox slates

The agreement gives the chairmanship of the WZO to the Likud, and initially chairmanship of KKL to Mizrachi Olami, the mainstream modern Orthodox and religious-Zionist slate.

Previous AG Yehuda Weinstein: Mandelblit's decision was 'sound'

"It would've been better if this conversation had never happened, but the fact remains that it was a conversation between two friends," he said.

Naftali Bennett tells LGBTQ community on Instagram: 'I love you very much'

"I'm about respecting each individual -- live and let live," the MK said.

Settler leader: Likud must rid itself of Netanyahu

Yesha Council head David Elhayani spoke on the day that the Knesset was scheduled to ratify the historic peace deal between Israel and the UAE.

Netanyahu’s strategic plan against the Justice Ministry - analysis

You might ask, why doesn’t the Justice Ministry have a director general if Nisseknorn chose Baron in August? Because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to bring his appointment to vote.

World Likud reunites in effort to oust KKL head Atar

Zohar said the details of the reconciliation still needed to be worked out but that the World Likud, the largest faction in the WZO, would no longer be split.

70% say Netanyahu victim of incitement, 45% assassination likely - poll

Israel Democracy Institute survey finds that, 25 years after Rabin’s assassination, nearly half of Israelis think it could happen again.

Gantz says Blue and White voting against opposition no confidence motion

Lapid: whoever doesnt vote for no confidence motion is a coward

Finance Ministry D-G Keren Turner-Eyal resigns

Exodus in the Finance Ministry continues.

Coalition chair Zohar: Likud not obligated to rotation deal with Gantz

Finance Minister Katz says 2021 budget only ready for review by December, meaning 2021 budget deadline would be missed again.

Miri Regev to ex-soccer star: Apologize to Likud or don't be Israel coach

Miri Regev and Eyal Berkovic got in a screaming match on N12 on Friday night after Berkovic called the Likud Party a "criminal organization" the previous week.

Tel Aviv mayoral candidate Asaf Zamir with 3rd candidate on his list, LGBT activist Chen Arieli
Blue and White minister's resignation takes effect

Zamir became the first Blue and White minister to quit on Friday.

Netanyahu's trial may be delayed

PM convinces court to resolve missing evidence dispute before response to indictment.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a press statement at the PM's office in Jerusalem, o
Deputy A-G: No conflict for PM to be involved in law on protests

Petitions have already been filed to the High Court of Justice to strike down the limits on mass protests.

Yom Kippur, the time to review apologies Israel's leaders owe its people

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: It's been a year of biblical blunders.

Yair Lapid to 'Post': Netanyahu made Israel a branch of Republican Party

The next US administration, Senate and Congress could be led by Democrats who are “extremely angry at Israel’s government.”

Opposition leader Yair Lapid at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference.
Lapid: Netanyahu made Israel a branch of Republican Party

Lapid criticized Netanyahu for not meeting with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden when he went to Washington.

Ultra orthodox Jews from the chassidic Breslev sect protest against PM Benjamin Netanyahu, demanding
Prayer? Protest? What sort of state does Israel want to be?

Who would have thought that the age-old debate over whether Israel is a Jewish or democratic state would be resolved by the coronavirus cabinet?

Vaccine (illustrative)
Edelstein says MKs will not receive flu vaccines early

Medical teams, the elderly and those with preexisting conditions will be the first to receive the vaccine.

World Likud splits after Netanyahu takeover fails

Both sides claim right to negotiate who will head Jewish Agency, Keren Hayesod, KKL-JNF

Ofer Golan (R), Topaz Luk and Jonathan Urich seen with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Prim
Netanyahu aides fined for violating quarantine

The two advisors were spotted in public while they were supposed to be in quarantine.

Bennett denies celebrity doctor is target for Yamina list

Yamina leader wants to bring half a million Jews from US, France to volunteer against coronavirus

No date set for cabinet vote on UAE peace

A spokesman for Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said that it may be on the agenda for next week.

Yair Golan
Meretz MK demands debate in accords with UAE

Golan, who is a former deputy chief of staff of the IDF, said the agreements must be reviewed to guarantee that Israel kept its qualitative military advantage in the deals.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White Party leader Benny Gantz pass each other in the
New Knesset showdown between Likud, Blue and White set for Wednesday

Litzman resignation becomes official, Deri breaks vow to Gantz

MK Cotler-Wunsh to head Israel-Diaspora relations subcommittee

Cotler-Wunsh intends to use the post to ensure a channel of communication between the Knesset and the Diaspora on the COVID crisis, her spokeswoman said.

How Naftali Bennett emerged as Netanyahu's chief rival on the Right

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: For the first time ever in Netanyahu’s more than three decades in politics, the main alternative to his Likud was now a party on the Right.

Bill proposes giving free masks to all Israelis

There is precedent for distributing masks in Israel. When there was a chemical threat to Israel, all Israeli citizens were given gas masks.

Knesset rejects bills that would bar Netanyahu from being president

"We can't let it happen that Netanyahu, a man with three criminal indictments, will become president."

Hebrew University professor Shimon Shetreet running for president

Shetreet served as a Labor MK from 1992 to 1996 and held the religious affairs; science, culture and sports; and industry and trade portfolios.

An empty Knesset Plenum
Knesset returns from lockdown to shakedown

The Yesh Atid-Telem faction will meet on Monday for the first time since MK Ofer Shelah announced that he would challenge Yair Lapid for the party leadership.

Liberman: The Right must rid itself of Netanyahu if it wants annexation

Netanyahu has often spoken of himself as the leader of the Right, but Liberman disputes that self-description.

Caucus threatens sovereignty bill over silent West Bank settlement freeze

Yesha Council launches campaign against Netanyahu over building

A-G: Start of trial may not disqualify Netanyahu from remaining PM

Yariv Levin: Doesn't make sense that we destroy settler houses, but not those of terrorists.

Netanyahu will keep making diplomatic moves without telling his ministers

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: Netanyahu will always have an excuse to keep his defense minister and foreign minister out of the loop. All he has to do is say the Americans asked to keep it private.

Budget director Shaul Meridor attends a press conference with at the Finance Ministry office in Jeru
Katz says he was going to fire budget chief who quit

Katz said he would soon appoint a replacement for Meridor.

Right dismisses Netanyahu’s pledge to annex and not uproot settlements

“What is happening now in Judea and Samaria, is exactly the opposite of sovereignty. It is a lack of sovereignty,” said Gush Etzion Regional Council head Shlomo Na’aman.

Finance Ministry budget chief quits, furious with Katz's behavior

Finance Ministry Head of the Budget Department submits a three-page resignation letter, ending a turbulent relationship with the minister who accused him of undermining him.

Finance Minister Katz must quit, says Barkat

"Every day that Katz remains finance minister endangers the Israeli economy, the income of nearly a million people and the continued rule of the Right"

Gantz comes of age as a politician by countering Netanyahu's manipulation

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Humility like Gantz’s is what Israel needs as the Netanyahu era draws to a close.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz (L) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) sit in front of Pres
Cabinet meeting canceled fourth week in a row

The coronavirus cabinet is still scheduled to meet on Sunday.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Alternate PM Benny Gantz vote on budget deadline extension bill
Netanyahu, Gantz made peace but are still at war - analysis

The Likud and Blue and White leaders’ "hudna"

Israel prevents election, delays budget deadline

Lapid: The people of Israel are the losers

Shaked: Netanyahu’s annexation talk is just spin, and we all know it

The UAE deal opened up the possibility of a peace deal with Israel and the Arab world, but appeared to bury the possibility of annexation.

What is Netanyahu really nervous about? Spoiler: It’s not the state budget

While no one really knows how long the trial will run, senior legal officials estimate that it will carry on until at least the middle of 2022 and possibly even longer.

100-day budget only prolongs the problem, experts warn

“A 100-day budget is not a solution to anything. It only prolongs the problem. We’ll arrive on November 23 and then what? This is simply pushing back the end [of the coalition].”

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