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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is the military force responsible for safeguarding the security of the State of Israel. Comprising of ground, air, and naval components, the IDF plays a central role in defending Israel's borders, conducting operations, and maintaining a state of readiness.

Israel's new Barak super tank: The future of Middle East warfare? - analysis

From the point of view of the Defense Ministry and IDF, the new Barak tank is the most advanced tank in the world today.

Israel strikes Hamas in Gaza again amid violent riots along border

Earlier on Saturday, a demonstration was held on the shores of the Gaza Strip as protesters staged a flotilla calling for an end to Israel's blockade of the Strip.

IDF, Lebanese army clash on Israel's northern border

Israeli forces fired stun grenades at Lebanese heavy machinery that crossed the border into Israel on Saturday afternoon.

Israel's Druze threaten to cut ties with IDF after young woman drafted

Sheikh Muwafaq Tarif warned that "if the State of Israel wishes to maintain its alliance with the Druze community - it must set the record straight."

IDF announces Yom Kippur border closures for Gaza, West Bank

This comes after a recent string of violent attacks and riots both inside sovereign Israel and at border crossings and checkpoints in the West Bank and Gaza.

IDF tanks hit Syrian army buildings built to violate disengagement deal

The IDF stressed that the buildings were built in violation of the disengagement agreement.

Israel and US conduct joint training on air defenses

During the joint exercise, the Israeli side activated all of the multi-layered defense systems that Israel uses.

One wounded after suicidal ramming attack at West Bank checkpoint

The 38-year-old Kfar Aqab resident had already suffered self-inflicted wounds from the exacto-knife when he was stopped at the crossing.

Security forces conduct counterterrorism arrests throughout West Bank

During the arrest of a suspect in Hebron, Israeli forces seized an airsoft rifle and dozens of 5.56 caliber cartridges and shotgun shells, according to photographs published by the military.

WATCH: Gazan fires at Israeli forces during riots

Thousands of Gazans with work permits have been unable to enter Israel.

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