Report: Israeli official recorded discussing 'take down' of British MPs

UK media ignites after junior embassy employee entertains the idea of an anti-Israel MP "hit-list;" calls FM Boris Johnson "an idiot."

Israel apologises over embassy worker's vow to 'take down' UK minister
An Israeli official in London has been caught on camera saying how he would like to “take down” anti-Israel MPs, including Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan.
Shai Masot, a political officer at the London embassy, was recorded by Al Jazeera speaking in a clearly undiplomatic manner about a number of British MPs, including Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, whom he called "an idiot."
Regarding Duncan, however, Masot said he was "doing [sic] a lot of problems," while his dinner partner said the comments "sounded like a conspiracy."
Masot was in conversation with Maria Strizzolo, a senior aide to another Conservative Minister, Robert Halfon, at a restaurant in Kensington, central London.
Strizzolo proposed "a scandal," however the pair did not elaborate in the footage released by Al Jazeera.
An embassy spokesperson said the remarks were "unacceptable," and that Masot would be ending his employment in London shortly.
The British publication The Daily Mail will run with the story on the front page on Sunday, while the story has been picked up across a range of other media sources.
The Guardian reported that UK ministers are treating the matter as one of "serious concern, crossing the line beyond normal diplomatic activity."
Al Jazeera will broadcast four documentaries with additional material beginning January 15.