Refaeli slams man for horrid Holocaust remarks; Gadot honors Auschwitz survivor grandfather

Gadot's grandfather Abraham Weiss survived Auschwitz.

Bar Refaeli and Gal Gadot (photo credit: REUTERS,BAR REFAELI FACEBOOK)
Bar Refaeli and Gal Gadot
An Israeli  who made offensive comments about the Holocaust including complaints that he could not find his regular sports programing because of Holocaust Remembrance Day was slammed by none other than Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli.
The target of Refaeli's ire wrote a Facebook post in Hebrew that is translated here:
Is this not coercion? Not being able to watch a quarter final match because of Ashkenazim who died a million years ago? Granted, it is a sad day because a little more and no Ashkenazim would remain and I would be watching Barcelona now instead of thinking why the hell, because of a few Ashkenazim I am searching where to watch Barcelona. Hitler, why didn't you finish the job. You left us here with homosexuals and a media that decides for us what we see and when? You left us here with a group of pig and hametz eaters and Arab lovers. I would give up one million more like these so I could watch the game right now. [Note: poster misspelled Nazi leader's name in the original Hebrew.]   
Refaeli on Twitter included the man's offensive post and wrote in Hebrew:
You are despicable. I hope that everybody who you know sees the post you wrote and if they care about you will send you for observation. #shocking   
Another Israeli beauty, Gal Gadot, took to Facebook on Holocaust Remembrance Day to remember her grandfather Abraham Weiss, who survived Auschwitz. Gadot, who has been cast as Wonder Woman in the eponymous upcoming Hollywood film, saluted her grandfather "for being strong and optimistic to have the power to understand life is stronger than anything."

Today is the holocaust Memorial Day . In this photo is my grandpa , Abraham Weiss . He lost all of his family and...
Posted by ‎Gal Gadot - גל גדות‎ on Wednesday, April 15, 2015