Stav Shaffir: Netanyahu gave BDS a 'gift' by barring Omar, Tlaib

Shaffir reminded the US democrats in her new advertisement that "not all Israelis are Netanyahu."

Stav Shaffir released a new ad condemning Netanyahu for giving BDS a "gift" by barring congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.
Democratic Union number two Stav Shaffir released a new advertisement on Thursday afternoon condemning the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, saying that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave BDS a "gift" by blocking the entry of US congresswomen and BDS supporters Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.
In the advertisement, Shaffir addresses members of the US Democratic Party, saying, "I know that some of you think that BDS is progressive, but the truth is just the opposite.
"BDS doesn't want peace, it wants an end to Israel. It sows fear and isolation, pushing people to the right. Instead of uniting people who seek peace, the boycott movement divides us and makes the two-state solution harder to achieve."
Shaffir then accused Netanyahu of giving BDS a "gift" by blocking Omar and Tlaib's entry into the country, saying that "every member of Congress is welcome here to visit, to speak and to listen. Our door must be open and Israel must always remain a bi-partisan issue in the United States.
"I know, not all democrats are the same, just like you should know, not all Israelis are Netanyahu," Shaffir emphasized.
Shaffir then presented the need of left-wing parties to form an alliance, saying that "the extreme, populist right around the world joined forces long ago. They're working together, promoting racism, isolation and intolerance all over the world.
"It's time we, democrats, start to understand the urgency and begin to act," she continued. "It's time we build an alliance based on democracy, equality, freedom and peace."
Shaffir voiced disapproval of Israel having barred Omar and Tlaib last week, saying that "a country with a smart foreign policy would invite congressmen here who do not like their positions and make sure that the visit exposes the complexity of the conflict, as well as connects them to our narrative and shows the world that we are strong and open."
In that same Twitter post, Shaffir slammed Netanyahu, as well, saying that he is "cowardly" for giving such a "gift" to the BDS movement.