Tel Aviv wakes up to Yasser Arafat St. as part of activists' campaign

Street signs in the first Hebrew city were replaced on Tuesday night to honor Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and incendiary balloons as part of a campaign claiming Israelis seek a resolution.

The corner of Arafat and Doom streets in Tel Aviv August 7 2019    (photo credit: Courtesy)
The corner of Arafat and Doom streets in Tel Aviv August 7 2019
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Residents of Tel Aviv were surprised to wake up on Wednesday to discover that some of them live on Yasser Arafat Street, Ismail Haniyeh Street and Incendiary Balloons Street, a press release reported on Wednesday.
The change was done overnight by an activist group called Israeli Victory Project (IVP) in protest of what the group claimed to be "weak" governmental actions against Hamas and Palestinian terrorism, and the living conditions of Gaza border communities that are subjected to ongoing terrorist attacks from the Gaza Strip.
Dozens of activists changed street names to Doom Street, Escalation Street and Air Siren Street, in addition to major avenues that had their names changed to the Avenue of Victory and the Avenue of Deterrence. 
Members of the IVP include people from bereaved families, IDF reserve units and residents of southern Israel.    
Slamming the government's policies toward supporting those who live under fire in Israel's border towns for the last decade, Middle East Forum Head Greg Roman, who is also behind the Israeli Victory Project, said that, “we must stop managing the conflict and decide we will bring it to an end: from a position of power and on our own terms.
“Such is our demand to a future Israeli government."