Tomer Capon takes on the role of 'Frenchie' in Amazon hit ‘The Boys’

Five things you probably didn’t know about the Israeli actor, who now stars in the hit show based on the Garth Ennis comic.

A scene from Keshet's 'When Heroes Fly' (photo credit: NITAI NETZER/KESHET)
A scene from Keshet's 'When Heroes Fly'
(photo credit: NITAI NETZER/KESHET)
Israeli actor Tomer Capon gained notice in the country and worldwide for his roles on Fauda, where he played Boaz, and When Heroes Fly where he played Aviv, both series bought by Netflix. 
Now Capon takes on another character, in the Amazon Prime show The Boys, where he plays Frenchie, an expert assassin who is part of a black-op team meant to keep people with super powers in check in the fictional world created by Garth Ennis in the comic of the same name. 
In this re-telling of the superhero myth, superheroes are not motivated by morality and ideals, but by greed and lust. World governments, seeking a way to control them, create the task force as a way to eliminate and extort superheroes to their own ends. To make matters worse, comic books and action figures still exist in this world and are well liked by the public, who is kept in the dark about the true nature of those it admires so much. 
Capon, who doesn’t speak French, wiggled his way out of a reporter who asked him to say something about the show. He said in Hebrew – with a French accent – that the show will be great and will be "an explosion," Kveller reported.

The 34-year-old actor began his acting career at the age of eight in order to get the attention of a female classmate who was picked to play Queen Esther in a Purim play. It actually worked; he was given a necklace with half a heart by the young girl. 
Capon served as a combat soldier in the IDF, where he was a paratrooper. He did not rely on this experience alone when he took on the role of a former IDF soldier suffering from PTSD in When Heroes Fly, but read extensively and spoke with people who deal with such issues to better portray the character. 
He was kicked out of acting school after only one year, yet his hard work and talent shone through and he was able to land roles on television. Capon took on the role of Yoav, the military commander of King David in Of Prophets and Kings, a Bible-inspired soap opera filmed in South Africa. The show, however, wasn’t picked for production.
In The Boys, Capon will star alongside New Zealand actors Karl Urban as Butcher and Antony Starr as Homelander, as well as American actresses Karen Fukuhara as the Female and Erin Moriarty as Starlight. 

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