Two Israelis in critical condition after blaze breaks out in Ma'aleh Adumim

The injuries are the worst reported since wild fires broke out earlier this week, forcing ten of thousands of citizens to flee their homes in search of safety.

November 26, 2016 05:07
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Wild fires wreak havoc across Israel

Wild fires wreak havoc across Israel

A fire left two Israelis in critical condition in the West Bank community of Ma'aleh Adumim early Saturday morning after a blaze nearly destroyed a five-story apartment complex.

According to an MDA spokesperson, paramedics arrived at the scene and provided life saving medical assistance before transferring the victims suffering from sever smoke inhalation to nearby Hadassah University Medical Center for further treatment.

 "We arrived at the scene, it was not possible to enter from the stairwell, and people were screaming for help," the MDA spokesperson said.

"Firefighters arrived with ladders and cranes, rescuing a young man and woman both in their twenties who were unconscious after suffering sever smoke inhalation."

"We provided them care, including CPR and respiratory assistance before taking them to the hospital where they were anesthetized and incubated," the spokesperson added.

Blaze critically injures two in Ma'ale Adumim

At least ten others, including an infant, were also treated for light injuries following the event.

The injuries are the worst reported since fires broke out earlier this week, forcing ten of thousands of citizens across the country to flee their homes in search of safety.

The fire that broke out in a building in Ma'ale Adumim Friday night was caused by an electrical fault, according to an initial investigation.

Firefighters said the fire spread rapidly between floors due to a lack of insulation and caused the stairwell to become a trap for smoke and flames where naturally people flee the scene, leading to the large amount of trapped people.

Israel continued to battle fires in different parts of the country on Friday, with outbreaks reported in Beit Meir and Maale Hahamisha in the Jerusalem hills, near Kiryat Gat in the South of the country, next to Harashim in the Galilee, and across the wider Haifa region.

In addition to the countries to respond to calls for help on Thursday, the US, Egypt, Jordan and Azerbaijan have committed to sending help in combating the flames: Azerbaijan has dispatched a fire plane, Egypt two helicopters, and Jordan fire trucks and crews. In addition to the Super Tanker that arrived to Israel Friday evening, the US sent 50 firefighters to Israel.

Russia, Turkey, Croatia, Italy and Palestinian units have also come to Israel's assistance during the crisis.

Authorities are still conducting an inquiry into the start of the fires, which have wrecked havoc across Israel over the past week, with an initial investigation indicating arson as the main cause.

On Thursday, three Palestinians were arrested by police after failing to spark a fire near the settlement of Ariel earlier in the morning, and other arsonists have reportedly been caught in the act in different locations in Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

Allon Hachmon contributed to this story.

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