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Ultra-Orthodox residents walk through of the Mea She’arim neighborhood of Jerusalem, August 2020
Morbidity rates could rise in ultra-Orthodox communities

The rise in numbers is a direct result of the reopening of schools and the allowance for weddings to occur.

Biden joins Israelis in honoring Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

"He led a life of service to his country and its security," Biden tweeted, adding that Rabin "bravely gave his life pursuing peace."

Stephan Micus
MK Odeh claims 'La Familia' song insults Muhammad, YouTube removes it

The video included a song uploaded by far-right fans of one of Israel's largest Premier League soccer clubs - Beitar Jerusalem.

Demonstration of the Independents on Jaffa Street in Tel Aviv.
Coronavirus cabinet approves: Synagogues open, stores to remain closed

Senior officials in the Health Ministry had warned the prime minister that opening retail was dangerous and could lead to increased morbidity.

Netanyahu at Rabin event: My life is threatened, no one does a thing

Part of Rabin’s legacy is telling the truth, keeping promises, remaining strong under pressure, which is missing now, Lapid says

UAE, Canada, Greece and more countries added to list of green countries

As of November 1, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Serbia will be considered red countries

Moovit announces public transportation to resume normal hours next week

Public transportation will extend its services hours until the end of service beginning November 4.

Benny Gantz meets with Mark Esper, October 29, 2020
Defense Secretary Esper lands in Israel amid F-35 sale talks

Meeting comes a week after Gantz flew to Washington where the two signed a deal securing Israel’s QME.

Bloomfield Stadium, in Tel Aviv, Israel June 8, 2020
Israel's NSO cellphone tech: Saving victims of natural disasters

In Mexico in 2017, NSO’s technological tool was used at a site of a “six story building disaster in a very central area like Sderot Rothschild in Tel Aviv.”

Greece likely to stay a 'green' country - Health Ministry officials

"Despite our concern, it is likely that there will also be political and economic pressure to keep it green, since turning Greece into a red state – will cause economic and political damage."

Decision replacing United Israel Appeal chair invalid, won’t be respected

Steven Lowy, chairman of the United Israel Appeal board of trustees says ‘all avenues’ will be explored to prevent incumbent world chairman Sam Grundwerg from being ousted in six months.

Yitzhak Rabin visits with Stephen M. Flatow.
Rabin family opens private archive for TV series

The proposed series will be six parts and will be titled The Leader

War, women and Borat: What's new to watch during the coronavirus pandemic

A number of new offerings have been made available on TV, VOD and streaming services.

The IDF West Bank Courts continues to be disrupted by political and legal battle.
‘Post’ reporter Khaled Abu Toameh wins defamation case against blogger

Zahran’s campaign against Abu Toameh began in 2013 and continued until 2017, when Abu Toameh sued.

Reviewing the legacy of Yitzhak Rabin, warts and all

MIDDLE ISRAEL: In stark contrast to the boastful leadership style with which Israel has become familiar in recent decades, Rabin never flaunted his personal achievements.

Moshe Arbel: The Shas MK who fights for an equal society

Arbel has emphasized his overriding concern to redress the socioeconomic gaps in Israeli society, but also a desire to change the caustic political culture that has taken root in the country.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny
Blue and White: Alternative government possible

Naftali Bennett has also said that a new government is needed to fight the coronavirus.

With domestic violence rising amid COVID-19, what will the gov't do?

SOCIAL AFFAIRS: ‘You ignore some of the warning signs’

View of the construction site of 'Mechir Lamishtaken' at Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in Jerusalem on
US citizens born in Jerusalem may have ‘Israel’ on their passports

Under the new policy, individuals will be able to choose whether to have “Jerusalem, Israel” or just “Jerusalem” on their passports.

Norway to allow civil marriages for Israelis who can't marry in Israel

Currently, hundreds of couples are not able to get married at all, since going abroad is not an option and the Chief Rabbinate will not perform a ceremony and provide legal recognition.

IDF finishes drill simulating war with Hezbollah

Large-scale drill saw thousands of troops, reservists prepare for war against Hezbollah, Gaza, and proxy groups far from Israel’s borders.

A graph depicting households in Israel and Jerusalem as of 2019
Israel, Jerusalem households in 2019: In numbers

The rise in the rate of small households is due to the postponement in the age of marriage and in the birth of the children, as well as an increase in life expectancy.

OUTGOING HEALTH Ministry director-general Moshe Bar Siman Tov appears at a press briefing at the Pri
Former Health Ministry D-G Siman-Tov joins INSS as research fellow

Working alongside other senior INSS researchers, Siman-Tov will write policy papers that will be later presented to decision-makers.

Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem
An artifact exodus in the Museum of Islamic Art

One of the museum’s neighbors has been closely following the reluctant disposal of tapestries, utensils and watches.

Rivlin hosts his last Rabin commemoration as head of state

President laments current divisions in society saying that 25 years on, the country is splitting like the Red Sea.

The Hamoshava Reading Station, post-blaze
Beloved outdoor library goes up in flames

The spread of books may be – at least temporarily – drastically reduced, but that clearly isn’t going to stop the faithful dropping by

The 'Momentum' installation by Nardeen Srouji takes a 3D staccato look at timekeeping
Time is in the limelight at Museum for Islamic Art exhibition

THE MUSEUM describes Time as “an interactive exhibition for the whole family” and invites members of the public of all ages to try their hand at “controlling time”.

Taking joyous cover on Jaffa Road, Oct. 20.
Blessed drops: The magic of Israel’s first rain

Drops of moisture mean so much more to us here in the Holy Land

By Rivkah Lambert Adler
Work being done to renew the Tower of David.
This week in Jerusalem: Spread of the red

Peggy Cidor's round-up of city affairs

The Rakevet Ba'emek Association's Yossi Saidov, Idit Rubin and Itamar Shahar on Emek Refaim Street.
Anger entrenches opposing sides amid light rail construction

“Look at Emek Refaim today. It’s declining.”

The Schwartzes: Dr. Reuven, 71, and Amy, 66 from Pittsburgh to Jerusalem, 2015
'Every day is a miracle, it's just more apparent in Israel'

“The moment we landed, I started crying.”

Rabbi Kanievsky recovers from coronavirus - report

Following Kanievsky's recovery, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the rabbi's household and spoke to his grandson, 30-year-old Yanki Kanievsky.

Travelling by train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
The ‘little pleasures’ of the coronavirus pandemic are losing their shine

Venturing back out into the world is going to take some readjustment. In this sense, the coronavirus risks making agoraphobes of us all.

The smell of a bakery...
A few days off may be just the break you need sometimes

Running uphill: The power of a good morning and a day off

Hula Nature Reserve
Bird-watching amid the coronavirus pandemic: We can't travel, but they can

Take a jaunt up North and spend some time with these “tourists.”

Demonstration of the Independents on Jaffa Street in Tel Aviv.
Hundreds of business owners demonstrate in Tel Aviv, burn tires

The protesters blocked the main street and burned tires, fabrics and mannequins and demanded that government ministers allow the street shops to open.

Habima Theater
Tel Aviv Municipality to take over Habima Theater

The theater has been at serious risk of shutting down for almost a year since before the coronavirus pandemic, with debts having reached NIS 100 million.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and White House senior advisor Jared Kushner applaud as US President
Sudan’s deal with Israel is against all odds

Unlike the UAE and Bahrain, Sudan was directly involved in conflicts with Israel and sent troops to fight against the Jewish state in major Arab-Israeli wars.

Lord Balfour's writing desk. Museum of the Jewish People, Tel Aviv.
Anniversary of Balfour Declaration: Remembering Arthur James Balfour

Thank you Britain for your Balfour Declaration – Chag Balfour Sameach!

Reuven Rivlin hosts Rabin commemoration for the last time in his tenure

The president touched on recent displays of division in Israeli society, saying that "25 years later the country is splitting like the Red Sea."

Tal Gilboa greets a bovine friend at a dairy farm in Kibbutz Givat Chaim Meuchad
Tal Gilboa's lifelong mission: Fighting for animal rights

Tal Gilboa is willing to go to great lengths for a cause she believes in

Yitzhak Rabin visits with Stephen M. Flatow.
The night Yitzhak Rabin came for tea

Sitting on the couch next to Rabin, I asked him straight out, “How could you negotiate with Yasser Arafat and sign an agreement with him?”

Kochavi sends message of hope to IDF soldiers in memory of Yitzhak Rabin

"For a moment, in the midst of controversy and deep sorrow, Israeli society found a way to come together," Kochavi wrote in a letter that was distributed to IDF personnel.

Labor courts are dealing with many challenges and crises all hitting at the same time.
Nat'l Labor Court chief justice attempts to hold workplace world together

A ‘Magazine’ exclusive on Varda Wirth Livne, the woman attempting to hold the workplace world together

Friedman: US-Israel ‘righting old wrongs’ by extending W. Bank agreements

Netanyahu and Friedman have signed new versions of three agreements on research cooperation over the Green Line.

Israel to issue building permits for 31 Hebron homes before US election

The issuance of a permit is symbolic, because a Jerusalem District Court ordered injunction prevents construction of the project.

The Instagram application is seen on a phone screen August 3, 2017.
Most teenagers exposed to use of dangerous substances on social media

According to the survey, out of 1,144 in grades 7-12, a vast majority are exposed to the use of dangerous materials by influencers on social networks.

Education system to mark 25th anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin's murder

The activities planned for this year will be under the theme of "Unity and Cooperation."

Palestinians take part in a rally marking the 31st anniversary of Hamas' founding, in Gaza City
Security cabinet meets for three hours, as Hamas renews threats

Hamas official Khalil al-Hayya warned that the ceasefire signed with Israel at the end of August was coming to an end soon.

Avi Berkowitz: Annexation is not off the table, just pushed off for now

On the proposed sale of F-35s as part of the Israel-UAE deal, Berkowitz said that "It is not a component of the deal – a peace deal. Everyone knows the Emiratis have had this request for many years."

Meir Shalev
Esau, An Israeli film based on a biblical sibling rivalry - Watch

“Esau,” a drama based on the novel by the same name by Israeli author Meir Shalev, stars Shira Haas, Harvey Keitel and Lior Ashkenazi.

Outgoing IDF intel analysis chief: Changing world means revolution in intelligence

This integration is necessary to achieve the best use of new technological techniques for sifting data.

A theater stage
Roi Segev to be new director of Haifa Intl Children's Theatre Festival

Segev has been a writer and director for many years in theater and for television.

Benjamin Netanyahu
‘Israel has learned nothing’ from Rabin’s assassination, says former D-G

“Today’s demonstrators are people who served in the army and who have contributed to the development of the country, and they are also labeled traitors.”

Dolphin attacked by shark near Israel, 2020
Dolphin attacked by shark in first recorded incident in Israel

"Since here in Israel we had not yet identified a single dolphin with scars, it had led us to think that there are no - or almost no - such attacks."

Award-winning documentary ‘The Last Sermon’ set for digital release

Movie follows survivors of Tel Aviv suicide bombing as they travel across Europe in bid to understand religious extremism.

ONE OF Google’s Quantum Computers in its Santa Barbara, California, lab in October 2019.
Over 570 register for Technion's first quantum computing summer school

"The course will give participants an opportunity to research and discover by themselves the possibilities that are hidden in the world of quantum computing."

Planes put our fires in the north.
Fire breaks out after IDF drill held in different location than planned

Roughly 370 acres of forest were destroyed in the fire damaging the natural habitat of the area which can take up to 40 years to restore.

Did the US just recognize Israeli sovereignty in the West Bank? – analysis

Ask the Palestinians and their answer would be a resounding “yes.”

Israeli children in second grade (7 - 8 years old) using computers in a class room during a lesson a
BIGI streaming platform for kids launches in Israel

BIGI features programs from Israel and around the world, including such shows as Arthur, the kids’ version of Ninja Israel, Galis and many more.

 Abu Ghosh
Live from Abu Ghosh, it’s the orchestra

The performance, which will be broadcast via YouTube, Facebook and on the ICO web site, takes place this evening (Thursday) at 8 p.m.

Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem
A last-minute reprieve for Islamic Museum auction

Until a day or so ago, over 200 works stored and exhibited at the museum were due to be offered for auction at Sotheby’s in London.

25 years since Rabin’s death: Marking the day is the message – analysis

Rabin’s assassination does not seem so very long ago. The reason: Israel solemnly commemorates the day year after year after year.

Knesset votes down parent labeling bill

Blue and White boycotts bill it backs.

Candle-lighting ceremony ushers in 25th anniversary of Rabin’s death

Rivlin will light a large memorial candle in accordance with Jewish tradition of lighting candles in memory of the dead.

Tax Authority to businesses: Return COVID-19 grants or pay a fine

Roughly 150 business owners were asked to return the funds after the authority concluded they were undeserving of them.

police cyber
Calls to online child harassment hotline increase 60% during coronavirus

Nearly 70% of the incidents reported to the hotline were handled as criminal cases.

Byzantine church discovered in Banyas nature reserve

According to scholars, the church, which used pagan architecture, was founded on the site when Christianity became the official religion in Israel in the fourth century CE.

Hagee Ministries holds 40th annual Night to Honor Israel

The event included a list of high-profile speakers, and saw $1.4 million donated to various Israeli and Jewish charities.

IDF soldiers pack, deliver sweets to homes of coronavirus patients

Colel Chabad was specifically chosen by both Home Front Command and government ministries to implement much of the food distribution and support efforts amid the coronavirus crisis.

THE US Supreme Court
Will the US judicial right-wing swerve influence Israel’s Supreme Court?

Although there is no parallel timeline, there have been cases where judicial trends in the US have had an impact in Israel too.

 Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz and IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv K
Gantz expands definition of bereaved family to include siblings, orphans

Upon bestowing the first few certificates, Gantz noted that "this is a small and symbolic act, which has a great significance."

An empty classroom in Israel (Illustrative)
Education Ministry: Grades 1-2 will get at least four days in school

All studies will take place in capsules of up to 18 students, as originally requested by the Health Ministry.

Netanyahu to Hezbollah: 'Those who attack us will meet a steel fist'

The IDF launched a large-scale multi-front exercise on Sunday morning, simulating war with Hezbollah.

19-year-old pop singer blamed for sustaining rape culture by MK

Others have claimed that the video, provocative as it may be, doesn't do anything that wasn't done countless times before.

Scenes from Yitzhak Rabin memorial - November 4, 2016
Yitzhak Rabin memorial renewed in honor of 25th anniversary of his death

Renewal to include graffiti preserved from the time of the murder • the target audience for these tours are children and teens

US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett reacts as US President Donald Tr
Israeli parallels to the Barrett Supreme Court appointment – analysis

The drama and controversy taking place in the US over the appointment of Barrett is not dissimilar to what happens here when vacancies open up on the court.

Coronavirus: Here are the councils that will open school five days a week

Many regional councils have announced that they will open schools five days a week for half days.

Tel Aviv branch of the Embassy of the United States, Tel Aviv, Israel
US refuses to give Israel former Tel Aviv embassy – report

The old embassy's land is prime beachfront property on Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Street, worth considerably more than the embassy in Jerusalem's Arnona neighborhood.

New Masorti Movement director: COVID-19 is huge challenge for communities

“We are experiencing a great societal and economic crisis, and the Masorti Movement must know how to help heal these.”

MDA places four smart defibrillator stations in Ashkelon

The device can be operated without prior medical knowledge.

Holocaust survivors angry that far-right politician may lead Yad Vashem

Effi Eitam, a former lawmaker who has said that Arab Israelis should not be allowed to serve in Israel’s parliament, is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s choice for the role.

Dan Martin thrilled with Israel Start-Up Nation

Ranked third at Vuelta, veteran Irishman full of praise for team’s young blue-and-white riders

Maccabi Tel Aviv downs Hapoel Haifa in Winner Cup

Holon edges Gilboa/Galil to set up final four that also includes Maccabi Rishon Lezion and Hapoel Jerusalem

US acts on declaration settlements are legal, extends deal to West Bank

Prof. Eugene Kontorovich of George Mason Law School and director of the Israeli think tank Kohelet Policy Forum was a major proponent of the policy change in recent years.

A 3D-printed logo for Twitter is seen in this illustrative picture
Israel asks Twitter to remove 128 fake accounts promoting incitement

The activity was linked in particular to possible war crimes suits against Israel at the International Criminal Court and the potential pending plans to annex West Bank settlements.

Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit and Likud MK Haim Katz
A-G considering new tax fraud indictment against Haim Katz

Katz still has an opportunity to get the case closed at a pre-indictment hearing before Mandelblit.

Coronavirus vaccine under development (illustrative)
Tzevet 19 presents coronavirus therapies to Science Committee

The Ministry of Science and Technology met today to hear presentations from Tzevet 19, a group of volunteer researchers and scientists, regarding coronavirus technology development.

SEPHARDI CHIEF Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef
Religious services minister nixes punishing chief rabbi who'd defy court

Yosef said that he would refuse any agreement to grant state accreditation in Jewish law expertise for women.

The TMTI Summit at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
Companies can now file reports to the Israeli Stock Exchange in English

Chairman of the Israel Securities Authority, Anat Guetta, called the decision "a simple revision that generates a significant change."

Defense Minister Benny Gantz at the Knesset plenum, Oct. 15, 2020
Is the Supreme Court about to ax the alternate prime minister?

What would happen if the judges decide to surprise and flex their muscles?

oil spill
Employees of EAPC may be indicted for involvement in 2014 oil spill

The incident took place on December 3, 2014, during the construction of the Ramon Airport north of Eilat, which required diverting a section of the Eilat-Ashkelon oil pipeline.

IAI unveiled new Passive Coherent Location System

Using civilian radio transmitters, the system can detect and track non-emitting targets and create a full aerial picture

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