Senior employee of Meuhedet 'awarded tenders to relatives'

Employee also "bypassed legal tenders"; worked for Jerusalem branch and was arrested after an undercover investigation.

Money 311 (photo credit: Bloomberg)
Money 311
(photo credit: Bloomberg)
A senior employee of the Meuhedet health fund was arrested on Monday on suspicion of illegally arranging for a large number of tenders to be awarded to relatives.
A police source told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that an investigation revealed major irregularities regarding tenders awarded to suppliers and service providers who worked with the Meuheded Health Fund.
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All of the suppliers and service providers turned out to be related to the senior employee, police added.
"He arranged tenders for them for years, and ordered work from them," the source said. "At the same time, he bypassed legal tenders. The orders amount to large sums of cash," the source added.
The employee, who managed a Meuhedet health fund branch in Jerusalem, together with three suspects were arrested on Monday following the completion of an undercover investigation.
The investigation is being led by the National Fraud Unit and the Lahav 433 national unit, as well as the Tax Authority.
The suspects are suspected of bribery, tax evasion, and fraud, police said.