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Daniel Libeskind is a self-proclaimed Jewish architect

July 10, 2013 16:44
Libeskind alongside a model of his Freedom Tower

Libeskind alongside a model of his Freedom Tower521. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Celebrity architect Daniel Libeskind learned only late in life that his paternal grandfather had been a magid, a story teller, who had plied his trade from shtetl to shtetl in Poland. This bit of family lore dovetailed with Libeskind’s view of architecture; for he, too, is a story teller. For Libeskind, a building is never just a building.

“I’ve always thought that architecture should tell a story because if a building doesn’t tell a story, it’s a nothing,” Libeskind tells The Jerusalem Report during a recent visit to Israel. “Every building should tell you the deeper story of why it’s there.”


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