Marketplace: Technion in China

A Hong Kong entrepreneur joins forces with an Israeli university to spur innovations in mainland China.

October 20, 2013 11:48
Prof. Alon Wolf explains his snake robot to Li Ka Shing

Prof. Alon Wolf explains his snake robot to Li Ka Shing. (photo credit: ASSAF SHILO / ISRAEL SUN)

There is a palpable, magnetic attraction between the rags-to-riches Hong Kong billionaire, Li Ka Shing, and Israeli hi-tech entrepreneurs. I sensed it firsthand on September 29, when a groundbreaking agreement was signed by the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa and China’s Shantou University, whose main benefactor is Li. The agreement provides for the establishment of a Technion-Guangdong Institute of Technology (TGIT) in Shantou, along with an unprecedented $130 million grant from Li’s foundation to the Haifa Technion, the largest gift the institute has ever received. The construction costs of the TGIT will be funded by Guangdon Province and the Municipality of Shantou.

Shantou is a city on the eastern coast of China, about 300 miles northeast of Hong Kong. Metropolitan Shantou has a population of 14 million, nearly double that of Israel.


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