Diaspora under siege

The reenergized collective bond between Israel and the Diaspora means Zionism is alive and well.

August 5, 2014 15:06
4 minute read.

Anti-Israel demonstrators stage a rally outside New York City Hall. (photo credit: LUCAS JACKSON / REUTERS)

THE WAR with Hamas in Gaza has brought the dynamics of Israel-Diaspora relations, and indeed Zionism, into sharp relief.

Across the Diaspora, Jews have been rocked by an eruption of a new more sinister anti-Semitism. Protesters in the streets march to the beat of a drum that accuses Israel of a fictitious genocide, when the protesters themselves, with their cries of “Gas the Jews” are, ironically, the ones calling for genocide. As Jews fended off an almost certain pogrom at the Don Isaac Abravanel synagogue in Paris, which was besieged by angry anti-Israel protesters, fear and uncertainty returned as a feature of the Jewish condition in the Diaspora.


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