Elijah in Kathmandu

How a tradition leading to 1,000-strong Passover Seders may have started 30 years ago in the Nepalese capital

March 20, 2013 14:05
Pessah in Kathmandu

Pessah in Kathmandu521. (photo credit: COURTESY RABBI CHEZKI LIFSHITZ)

Each year a container of kosher supplies travels by ship from Haifa through the Suez Canal, crosses the Arabian Sea, skirts Sri Lanka and navigates the Bay of Bengal to dock in the port of Kolkata.

From there the goods – 2,500 bottles of kosher wine, 1,100 pounds of matza, 180 pounds of oil, 3,000 pieces of gefilte fish and a sundry mix of other kosher goods – are trucked 650 kilometers at an average speed of 20 kilometers per hour on cratered roads through north India to Nepal.


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